10 in-demand jobs that can be done part time ― and some pay more than $40/hr

Jobs like animal caretaker and nurse practitioner are seeing growing demand in the U.S.


The U.S. unemployment rate continues to fall: The economy gained 638,000 jobs in October and unemployment fell to 6.9%, according to the Department of Labor. Still, millions of people are looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic.

While many are looking for full-time work, some may be looking to cut down their hours and pivot to working part time.

Considering jobs with a more flexible schedule? Here are 10 jobs with growing demand that can be done part time, depending on the employer. Hourly pay and expected growth per the Bureau of Labor Statistics are also featured.

Animal caretaker

Animal caretakers tend to animals in settings including training schools, the veterinary clinic, grooming clinics, shelters, and at people's homes. They feed, bathe, and train them, monitor their behavior, and ensure they get exercise.

Expected growth: 22.9% through 2029
Median pay: $12 per hour

Home health and personal care aide

Home health and personal care aides help the elderly or people with disabilities or chronic illness, for example, with their day-to-day activities. Tasks can include bathing and dressing, housekeeping, scheduling, and transportation.

Expected growth: 33.7% through 2029
Median pay: $12 per hour

Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselor

Counselors for substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health treat people dealing with mental health or behavioral issues, eating disorders, alcoholism, or drug abuse. They evaluate their afflictions and chart recovery paths.

These positions often require at least a bachelor's degree, and counselors must be licensed by their state.

Expected growth: 24.7% through 2029
Median pay: $22 per hour

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Marriage and family therapist

Marriage and family therapists help couples and families solve relationship problems by enabling them to open up about their experiences, guiding them through decision-making, and giving them behavioral tools to cope with the future.

Marriage and family therapists need a master's degree in psychology, and all states require therapists to be licensed.

Expected growth: 22.3% through 2029
Median pay: $23 per hour

Occupational therapy assistant

Occupational therapy assistants help patients, such as children with disabilities, adults with Parkinson's disease, and people who've been injured, improve their day-to-day activities. They help with activities like exercise, teach them how to use relevant equipment, and record their progress.

These positions typically require an associate's degree in the field.

Expected growth: 34.6% through 2029
Median pay: $28 per hour

Speech-language pathologist

Speech-language pathologists help children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders by checking speech, language, and swallowing difficulty, identifying possible treatments, and teaching them how to improve their speech and strengthen muscles.

Speech-language pathologists typically need a master's degree in their field, and some states require a license.

Expected growth: 24.9% through 2029
Median pay: $38 per hour

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Genetic counselor

These counselors interview families and individuals to assess their risk of inherited disorders or birth defects. They learn about their family history, present testing options to understand risks better, and write consultation reports for patients and physicians.

Genetic counselors typically need a master's degree in their field and a certification.

Expected growth: 21.5% through 2029
Median pay: $39 per hour


Statisticians gather and analyze data about fields like business and medicine, using math skills to theorize about future scenarios and solve problems in those fields.

Statistician positions typically require a master's degree in mathematics.

Expected growth: 34.6% through 2029
Median pay: $44 per hour

Software developer and quality assurance analyst

Software developers build software for computers and smartphones. Quality assurance analysts ensure this software runs smoothly by testing it out and making sure all bugs have been removed.

Software developers and quality assurance analysts are typically required to have a bachelor's degree.

Expected growth: 21.5% through 2029
Median pay: $51 per hour

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners treat illness in patients. They may work as part of a health-care team or independently, interpreting tests like X-rays, prescribing medication, and working to prevent disease in their patients.

Nurse practitioners are required to have at least a master's in their field and must receive a registered nursing license from their state.

Expected growth: 52.4% through 2029
Median pay: $55 per hour

Look for jobs like these on sites like FlexJobs, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed.

If you're worried about contracting the coronavirus while on the job, make sure to ask your prospective employer what measures they're taking to keep their workforce safe, and make sure to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's social distancing guidelines.

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