101 Ways to Save More Money Now
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"Even small efforts can add up to big savings over time."

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No matter what you’re saving money for—whether it’s to build up an emergency fund, pay off debt faster or plan ahead for a big vacation or first home—trimming expenses will help you get there faster.

The good news is even small efforts can add up to big savings over time. We’ve rounded up 101 simple ways you can get started today.

Simple Hacks

  1. Stockpile $1 (or $5) bills. Take them out of your wallet as soon as you accrue them and put them right into savings.
  2. Open a savings account at a bank that’s not easily accessible, deterring you from dipping into it unnecessarily.
  3. Create sub-accounts for different savings goals. It’s an easy way to measure your progress and make quick adjustments.
  4. Nickname those accounts. Research proves this creates an emotional connection that motivates you to save more.
  5. Set up automatic transfers to savings and investment accounts after payday. You won’t have time to miss the money.
  6. Get a cash-back credit card to earn money as you spend.
  7. Treat yourself to a birthday freebie.
  8. Get cash back at the grocery store or pharmacy to avoid out-of-network ATMs, which cost an average of $4.52. (You can usually get up to $40 back for free when using a debit card.)
  9. Stop paying maintenance and other hidden fees for your checking account. Shop around for a free account.
  10. Transfer your savings to a high-yield account. The average savings account pays just .06 percent in interest, but you can easily find one that pays around 1 percent.
  11. Raid your drawers for unused gift cards. If you probably won’t put them to good use, re-gift or sell them.
  12. Cancel unused subscriptions for magazines, Netflix or food delivery boxes, for example.



  1. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. This can save eight gallons per day, or 3,000 per year, cutting your water bill.
  2. Take shorter showers. (Bonus: Collect water while you wash and use it to nourish your lawn.)
  3. Don’t turn your thermostat so high in the winter or so low when it’s warm. You can save up to 3 percent off your bill per degree.
  4. Unplug your laptop and other appliances when you aren’t using them. Leaving your computer on all day alone costs an estimated $75 per year.
  5. Convert to low-flush toilets and high efficiently appliances when your current ones need replacing.
  6. DIY when it makes sense. (Doing major repairs on your own won’t save you money if you end up having to a pay a pro to fix your shoddy work.)


  1. Make a list before hitting the store, and stick to it—and avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry and more apt to make impulse buys.
  2. Buy the floor model for a discount when you’re shopping for big-ticket items like furniture or appliances.
  3. Ask the cashier or salesperson for in-store coupons. (These are often found behind the register.)
  4. Buy last year’s model—especially when you’re shopping for electronics—and try to negotiate a discount.
  5. Buy holiday candy, decorations and wrapping paper the day after a major holiday.
  6. Join loyalty programs—whether at a pharmacy, department store or your local froyo shop—to earn coupons or credit toward future purchases.
  7. If you refresh your wardrobe often, consider renting clothes from a service like Le Tote, which starts at $39 per month.
  8. Borrow. A friend may own a black-tie outfit you can wear to an upcoming wedding, or a tree trimmer tool you need for your summer landscaping project.
  9. Get books at the library instead of purchasing your own copies.
  10. Mend clothing and shoes, or pay a small fee for a pro to do the job, instead of tossing them.
  11. Comparison-shop. Amazon doesn’t always have the best price.
  12. Email your favorite brands for discounts or coupons, and get rewarded for your loyalty.
  13. Use generic or store-brand products for everything from cereal to face lotion.
  14. Use shopping browser plugins like Honey, Gumdrop and Wikibuy to effortlessly and instantly find better prices and apply coupons for things you buy online.
  15. Sign up for Paribus, which tracks your purchases and requests price adjustments on your behalf.
  16. Use CouponSherpa to search for deals in brick-and-mortar stores near you. No coupon-clipping required.
  17. Unsubscribe from email newsletters and shopping programs that tempt you. (Use Unroll.me to do this easily and quickly.)
  18. Give yourself some time to cool off before making a big purchase. Ask these questions to help you decide whether or not to spend.
  19. Buy everyday items like batteries and bottled water in bulk.
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May 26, 2017

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