18 Flexible Side Gigs That Pay More than $20 Per Hour
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10. App Designer

If you know your way around an app, consider designing one and cashing in. This can even be a form of passive income. This man earns over $6,000 per month from the Bible app he created.

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11. Personal Chef

Set up a weekly gig at someone’s house a few nights a week, cook a series of freezer meals for a client or work special events, crafting creations for individual tastes and needs.

Personal referrals are a great way to get these gigs, which pay more than $20 per hour on average (up to $40 per hour or more), according to Payscale.

12. Caterer

When people have weddings and other large events, they’ll need a crew to help set up, serve and clean up after the meals. Be ready to work evenings and weekends for this gig, and be prepared to work overtime for extra cash.

These gigs often start at $20 per hour, but they’re generally word-of-mouth. Ask around, check out Craigslist and ask local restaurants if they may need a hand with events.

13. Bartender

Pick up a few shifts a week as a bartender for extra cash. Coveted weekend evening shifts are usually the most profitable and often go to employees with seniority, but you may be able to pick up a few.

You can also bartend at weddings and other events. You’ll need some experience and know-how to mix drinks, and many states require bartenders to have a certification.

One New York City hotel starts bartenders at $26 per hour, not including tips or overtime.

14. Personal Assistant

Drop off dry cleaning for clients, get their car’s oil changed, take their dog for a walk and pick up a birthday gift for their friend—these are just a few things you may do as a personal assistant. But running these errands can pay off, with personal assistants earning up to $24.71 per hour, according to Payscale.

The best way to get the highest-paying gigs is generally through word-of-mouth. Posting an ad or answering ads on Craigslist and other job forums can also help connect you with people in need of assistance.

15. Server

Snag a gig in a high-end restaurant and you can have an evening or weekend job that will pay off in serious cash tips. Serving generally pays the best, but hostessing or other jobs can also pay well.

16. Yoga Instructor

Teach yoga to aspiring yoginis and earn up to up to $50 per hour, according to Payscale.

To get started as a yoga instructor, you’ll need to take a teacher training class. The most basic is typically 200 hours and includes training, instruction and a final exam. You can then advance your skills with higher-level courses.

17. Dog Walker

Take pups out for their walks and earn $20 per hour as a dog walker, according to PayScale.

You should have plenty of experience handling all different types of dogs, and be physically fit and able to confidently control the dogs when you’re out walking.

You can work for a dog-walking company or work for yourself, which allows you to make more at this gig. If you can handle a few dogs at once, you can earn even more. Just be sure you get any necessary insurance or license.

Advertise your services at local pet-related businesses, such as groomers, boarding facilities, doggie daycares and pet supply stores.

18. Makeup Artist

Style bridal parties’ makeup, prepare theatrical stars for their big performances and get people ready for special events as a part-time makeup artist.

You can make up to $48 per hour helping people get ready for their big event.

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