25 Ways to Turn Your Interests Into Income
Ryan Robinson
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Making money doesn’t have to end with your regular paycheck. Picking up a side hustle is a great way to pad your income and reach your financial goals faster, whether that’s fully funding your emergency account or jetting off to Hawaii this summer.

But here’s the challenge: Juggling a demanding full-time job and side gig can be exhausting—and perhaps make you wonder if the extra savings is really worth the crazy schedule.

Enter 25 part-time-job ideas that hardly feel like work because they align with skills and interests you already have. While some offer more earning potential than others, they all share low barriers to entry and the flexibility to work as little—or as many—hours per week as you’d like.

1. Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and find yourself frequently searching for airfare sales or browsing sites like Lonely Planet, why not carve out a niche for yourself as a private travel agent? The more specific your expertise, the better. (Looking at you, rewards-booking ninjas and Asian sites and culture gurus.)

Start with word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family who know they can count on you for cheap flights and amazing activity recommendations. Once you have some satisfied customers—whether they’ve paid for your services or not—ask for referrals and step into the world of online travel consulting.

Signing up as a Plansify Travel Advisor is a great way to connect with a larger audience of people seeking advice. Plansify says most advisors charge $12 to $30 to answer up to three traveler questions, and $50 to $75 for a one-hour Skype session.

2. Tour Guide

Live in a destination where others frequently visit? If you know your city well and enjoy meeting new people, get the best of both perks by opening your own tour business.

Bonus points for unique twists like Erik Hormann’s from Vantigo—a company that shows off San Francisco from the back of a VW van. What started as a nights-and-weekends gig eventually turned into a full-time business, where Hormann charges anywhere from $55 to $600, depending on the tour.

3. Online Dating Consultant

Believe it or not, help navigating platforms like Tinder, OK Cupid and Match.com is something many people are willing to pay for. Case in point: Atlanta dating coach Karla S. Moore of NineGPS charges a whopping $190 for a 90-minute client assessment, which includes a “deep dive online dating blueprint.”

If you can write a great profile, select flattering photos and craft messages like a pro, your friends are probably already hitting you up for advice—so try cashing in on your skills.

4. Tutoring

Did you ace your high school standardized tests like the SAT or ACT? If so, you’ll likely find that many parents of teenagers are eager to shell out upwards of $100 an hour for the right tutor to help their kids gain entrance to the college of their choice. (See this checklist for starting your SAT tutoring business and be aware that some changes have been made to the test since you probably took it.)

If you prefer homework tutoring, you can expect an hourly rate closer to $17—though that could rise sharply to $75 an hour if you’re an experienced certified teacher or specialist.

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5. Remote English Teacher

Teaching English as a second language is a great way to make a solid side income—and even open doors to travel the world, if you’d like. While full ESL (English as a Second Language) accreditation is recommended, as long as you’re a native speaker, there are people in places like Hong Kong or the United Arab Emirates, for instance, willing to pay $25 an hour or more to learn via Skype.

Indeed, Learn4Good and Remote.co often post remote English tutoring jobs, so check back frequently, as opportunities and fees vary.

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    BAM!!!! and there it is. people that are “broke” are usually people not willing to do what it takes to get ahead. Im 41 and from 25 to 35yrs of age I delivered the newspaper for extra income from 3-5am. Made $800/mo yes had to wake up 7 days a week, rain or shine but it didn’t interfere with my day job and family time. it totaled to $100k in that 10yrs and helped me pay off my house way before my 40th so now I live rent/mortgage free.

    I’m all about side hustle. Sometimes a day job don’t cut it. For that reason, I’m willing to humble myself to do the silly job because I have a goal to meet. Thanks for sharing.

    And Riggs, I would love to feature your story on my blog. If interested please email from my blog @mybreadmoney.com. Thanks

    yep, imagine how silly it could be to do what you love and design a career out of it? If you can make a career about being Silly, I’d say you’re winning at life. Life isn’t so serious. At least, it doesn’t have to be. Just one small speck in the universe…

    I also thought most of the suggestions were silly. For example, filling out surveys is not a great way to make extra money, selling my photos would probably net me a max of .50 cents, and there were several others.that would be a total waste of time, or arent realistic for myself. The two that I did like were teaching courses online, and officiating Recreational sports.

    I figured I would add a few that some people are surely going to think are silly, but might work for others..

    1. Pick up cans or bottles. Most ppl think this is beneath them, but I make my daughter save .40 a day (I’m trying to teach her the power of compounding interest, and the benefits to saving early) and since she’s only 4, it’s one of the only ways she can earn money. She made $150 last Dyngus day, and almost $200 after St Patrick’s Day.

    2. Panhandling- I’ll admit this makes me very uncomfortable, but had to do it once during college, (very long story) and it didn’t take more than a half hour before I raised the $75 I needed.

    3. Buy books from Garage Sales/Thrift stores and sell them on Amazon. I do this a few times a month, the first time I did this I bought a WW2 book for $1.50 and sold it for $695.00, that’s still the most I’ve
    Made doing this, but it’s very common to find books that go for $40-$60. I just sold a book about Jack Kennedy for $110 that I paid .50 for. Typically, nonfiction books, textbooks, rare books and test prep books sell for the most money. You can also download an app on your phone where you can scan the barcode, and it will notify you how much that book is selling for at every online store, including Barnes and noble, Amazon, and Ebay.

    Wow, people your reading into this way to deep. Stop over thinking. Just start finding thing around your house that you don’t want or need anymore and post it on letgo, craigslist, ebay, offerup. Just look on facebook at all the buy,sale,trade groups. I sold a few unwanted dvd’s and they came to me to get them. I did not pay to place the ad, I did not have to pack and ship the item, I did not have to drive. My daughter sells her unwanted clothes the same way.

    Yeah… I make a little side cash playing music. Brewing beer for money seems illegal without a ton of hoops to jump through. You’d be better off gardening and selling at farmers markets but there’s little money in that too

    Worst list ever…nothing on this list is “effortless”!! Creating a beer brand!?!? Really??? You forgot to add “Start a daycare” or “Become a doctor”, you know, side stuff

    Always had a passion for science? Inquire at NASA about flying missions to Mars and back in your SPARE TIME!

    Some of these aren’t effortless, but still interesting ideas. There are a few I’d like to add: renting out garage space, renting out a spare room for a weekend or so, refurbishing furniture from thrift stores, donating blood/plasma, babysitting, etc.

    I can attest to surveys NOT being effortless! Being a transcriber seems like a better option. Hell, even buying and selling stock or even cryptocurrency takes less effort and reaps greater rewards!

    They’re not all silly, that’s a stretch. But calling the effortless is ridiculous. Tutoring, pet sitting, your guide, travel aide & tax prep are very solid suggestions.

    Wow, I’m kind of surprised by such feedback. Although, the idea of “effortless” may not be 100% correct, I think it’s being taken out of context. Everything in life pretty much requires some effort. Even to build passive income, some effort was required in the initial stages.

    Maybe this piece can be taken as inspiration to simply do something different or branch out on your own. We have all talents, big and small. We just need to make them work in our favor.

    I wrote a similar piece on side hustles for people who travel a lot and all though they aren’t “effortless,” I do think that they won’t take much effort to get going. Some are in align with Ryan’s suggestions, but there are also a couple newbies.

    Check it out at http://www.thebmex.com/#!10-Ways-Travelers-Raise-Money-to-Invest/mhqg1/56aa8b130cf2f766058dac83.

    Thanks Ryan!

    I agree. It’s funny how people want money to just appear in front of them without working for it. Let’s get rid of the lazy American stereotype and actually work hard for our money instead. #whataconcept

    Who ever thought of these ideas and worth this need to be fired there’s nothing easy about them nor do anyone want to do them. Nice try acorn and what an epic fail.

    #23 is highly unethical, and I’m surprised to see a company recommending it, even in a blog post. Though it may be a possible freelance opportunity, it completely negates the purpose of the essays as the one part of the college admission process that has any human aspect to it. It’s how you differentiate yourself from everyone else.

    I drive an advertisement for wrapify! It truly is effortless. I get paid to drive my normal routes while making 400 + a month!!!!

    You say this is during your normal routes… If you don’t mind my asking, what is it that you do for a living?

    Some of these are not practical; some are valid. None are effortless. But, if they don’t require you to be somewhere during set hours, they are definitely more worthwhile than many other “extra income” opportunities.

    Wrapify, however, is somewhat unethical. They have the occasional gig in cities all over, but mostly what they do is recruit drivers and gather data on those drivers. Check their FB page and you’ll see all the people who’ve been driving, as advised, for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles, and asking about if/when there’ll be an opportunity for them. The flip stock answer from Wrapify is that “if you’re not earning money, neither are we!” Well, they are slow in growing paid accord, and that’s fine, but they’re advertising and insinuating that they have work for drivers. But they don’t. Maybe they will, someday, but now they don’t. And that makes what they’re doing kind of shitty.

    We are working on it. The ad platform has only been live for nine months and we didn’t expect the explosion of drivers signing up on a regular basis. Some of the PR we have received resulted in huge waves of drivers signing up. The disparity between drivers and active campaigns (advertisers) will always be a concern and we are actively doing our best to get more campaigns on the road and more cities live.

    That you are “working on it” doesn’t make it any less problematic, unethical, or unfair. Stop recruiting if you don’t have work to offer. Simple premise!

    I’m a home brewer and can tell you that brewing beer is far from effortless. At a minimum, one can expect to devote 4-5 hours on brewing day between prep, brewing and cleanup. Fairly simple ale recipes will take 1-2 weeks (others can take far longer) to ferment and then bottling day is generally another 1-2 hour process.

    Regardless of how good the beer is (and assuming you’re at a point where you’re crafting your own recipes), none of the above is a guarantee that you’ll be granted the proper permits to sell it to consumers.

    As a homebrewer, I have done my research on selling beer. States do not like when they don’t get their tax revenue so they make it illegal. Unfortunately……

    America is becoming a socialist country, the federal government will provide us with everything we need and if we become more successful than others the government will take it away away distribute it fairly.. I get you voted for Obama didn’t you?

    This is more of a list of side jobs if you have a part time job, no kids and no spouse. Most of these I would never have time to do working full time and taking care of my family. Some are great ideas but not for me in this stage of my life.

    Fixing computers really isn’t a hard thing to do. That’s a legit side hustle. But re-selling them could be time consuming.

    The beer selling will get people into a lot of trouble with customs and excise tax. I would recommend this be removed as a suggestion,

    A great list !
    I tried all kinds of ways to make money online
    What works best for me is koocam
    I teach my hobbies and sell my knowledge in every field
    It’s great 🙂

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