How We Did It: 4 Inspiring Stories of Huge Income Increases
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Andrea TateThe Mission-Driven Dreamer

Andrea Tate, 39, Huntsville, Ala.

After earning her undergraduate degree in education in 2002, Andrea Tate worked as an elementary school teacher for seven years, earning a salary of about $45,000. Though she enjoyed her job, Tate had bigger dreams—to reach as many students as possible and to provide more for her own two, school-age kids.

Making a Change: In 2011, she got her shot to accomplish both when a colleague recommended her to a recruiter, looking for a sales representative for a school-curriculum company. Tate thought the position sounded right up her alley—especially since she’d spent her college years working in sales for a wireless company.

Plus, it offered exactly what she’d been seeking: “I can reach more kids by providing learning materials to teachers and students throughout my territory, rather than just helping the ones that were in my classroom,” she says. “And this was an opportunity to provide for my kids in a way I never would have been able to before.”

Exponential Results: After scoring the position in November 2011, Tate left the classroom to start her new career as a curriculum sales rep. Though her base pay was $50,000—a slight increase over her teaching salary—the opportunity to earn commissions helped her double her previous income in less than two years.

With the extra money, Tate now sends her children to private school, invests for their future and even took them on a cruise last year.

Her Advice for Others: “Don’t get in your own way; be willing to try something different and new that may be out of your comfort zone,” Tate advises others interested in upping their income. “If you are [confident] in your talents and looking for new opportunities, you will often be rewarded.”

July 6, 2016

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