5 Collectibles That Can Net a Big Payday (and 6 That Probably Won’t)


Are you holding onto old Air Jordans, baseball cards or comic books in hopes of trading them in for big bucks one day? Turns out, you might be able to do that. Or… maybe not.

The disappointing truth is that while some items we expect to increase in value can pay off handsomely, many others don’t. (Sorry, beanie baby collectors.) “The main drivers of value appreciation are scarcity, item condition and cultural relevance,” says Sam Bright, eBay’s general manager of art and collectibles. “For example, the recent, well-received ‘Wonder Woman’ movie led to a spike in demand and prices for associated collectibles such as comics, Funko Pop and entertainment memorabilia.”

Wondering whether your stuff is worth hanging onto for the long term? We looked at 11 popular collectibles and which are likely to actually increase in value (or not).

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