About Us

At Grow, we believe that money should be a source of empowerment, not stress. That having more money isn’t about having more stuff—it’s about having more choices and making fewer compromises.

We believe that building wealth builds confidence and that even incremental improvements in your finances can vastly improve your quality of life. Small change can make a big difference and simple habits can be more effective than complicated strategies.

We believe that wealth is less about how much you make than what you make of the money you have. Take care of your money, and it will take care of you.

We believe that financial success shouldn’t hinge on fate, fortune or the family you were born into: Everyone has the ability to achieve their financial goals with the right tools and support.

So we won’t give you aspirational advice that doesn’t feel relevant or realistic. We’ll give you advice you can apply right now—and for the rest of your life. We’ll show you how other readers have transformed their finances and their lives. And we’ll give you money news you can actually use, broken down the way we’d want someone to break it down for us.

At Grow, we have one goal: To help you reach yours.

That’s why we’ve partnered with CNBC, the most trusted brand in business news, to deliver original educational features that will inspire you to create successful money habits and secure your best financial future.