Anna Wintour doesn't care what you wear: Here are her 3 tips to prep for a successful job interview with her

"I'm always thinking, 'Can this person have a career? If not at 'Vogue,' ... within the industry?'"

Anna Wintour at Milan Fashion Week, Milan (Italy), February 22nd, 2020.
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If you're hoping to land a new job, consider getting tips for a successful interview from Anna Wintour, the longtime iconic editor-in-chief at "Vogue." MasterClass, an online subscription service featuring video lessons from celebrities and experts, recently published some of Wintour's insights as well as candid advice to job seekers.

Surprisingly, despite being a fashion icon herself, Wintour values authenticity over a killer outfit when meeting a prospective employee: "I don't ever really notice what people are wearing when I'm in an interview with them," Wintour said.

Here are three things Wintour looks for when interviewing a new hire.

1. Be honest about your interests

In Wintour's MasterClass, there's a section called "Starting out: Finding your voice and succeeding," where she shares pro tips for succeeding in an interview.

"When you are interviewing for a job, first of all, always tell the truth," Wintour said.

For example, "don't say, 'I love the theater,' because you happen to know that whoever is interviewing you loves the theater, unless you really do and you can give an example," Wintour said.

While this suggestion may seem obvious, "I can't tell you how many people have told me they love tennis and they've obviously never been to a tennis match in their life," said Wintour, who is an avid tennis player and fan.

2. Be prepared, 'be on time, and be yourself'

The basic rules of an interview are "don't go on an interview unprepared. Be on time, and be yourself," Wintour said. "If there's one thing I hope you take away from this class, it is to own your decisions, and to own who you are but without apology."

In her MasterClass, Wintour recalls watching a video published by "The Cut" where the publication spoke with 10 young women who had gone through the hiring process with Wintour. She learned "how much care they had put into what they were going to wear for the interview process."

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But "I don't ever really notice what people are wearing when I'm in an interview with them," Wintour said. "I'm much more interested in finding out what they've read, the movies they're interested in, why they want to be at 'Vogue' or another title within the company."

Other aspects of candidates matter more, she said: "I'm much more interested in finding out more deeply who they are than anything they have put on that morning."

3. It's 'important to be clear in your replies'

Rather than focusing on how you look, "I think when you're coming in for an interview with whoever it might be, much more important to be clear in your replies, to be honest in your replies, don't pretend that you're somebody you're not," Wintour said.

Wintour wants to see the potential hire's passion.

It's "important to find someone who is discreet, loyal, and who is positive, but who is also a straight talker, but is also passionate about the world they are about to enter, not someone who may just be seeing it as a stepping stone to something else," she said.

Wintour sees hiring someone as an investment in them: "I'm always thinking, 'Can this person have a career? If not at 'Vogue,' then can they have a career at [Vogue's parent company] Condé Nast, or within the industry?'

"Because of course they're investing in us, but we're also investing a lot of time in them."

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