Announcing Our New Partnership With CNBC


At Acorns, we’re committed to helping you invest for the future and grow your wealth, and we believe that education is integral to that journey. That’s why, in January 2016, we launched the Grow website—to help you grow your knowledge as you go. Since then, we’ve published more than 800 articles, Q&As, videos and essays that have been viewed nearly 10 million times by more than 3.6 million people.

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand-new partnership with CNBC that will allow us to serve you even better with a wider array of resources designed to help you thrive financially. CNBC is a world leader in business news and shares our commitment to financial empowerment.

As part of this partnership, CNBC will be building a content team that brings a wealth of experience and expertise, allowing us to vastly expand our personal finance coverage on the Grow website to give you all the information and tools you need to reach your unlimited potential.

We’re just getting started, but soon you’ll be seeing lots of new articles and videos on Grow. We’ll also continue to expand our educational tools and tips in the Acorns app and on—from detailed FAQs about our products to investing basics that help you get the most out of Acorns.

Thank you for growing with us. We hope this exciting partnership helps you keep growing your oak!

Noah Kerner, Acorns CEO
Jennifer Barrett, Chief Education Officer and Founding Editor of Grow