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Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of lifestyle perks: I set my own hours, travel whenever I want, decide which projects to take on and carefully select who I work with. I can’t imagine my life any other way.

At the same time, there are plenty of inherent risks, pitfalls and opportunities for failure. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of businesses fail in their first 18 months. That’s a lot of people who set out with big ideas and dreams, only to pack it in once they don’t work out.

What distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from the 80 percent? For starters: “Real entrepreneurs know good ideas are cheap and that success comes from hard work, not a stroke of genius,” says best-selling author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Take this quiz and find out.

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Entrepreneur Assessment Quiz

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  • You're a natural entrepreneur.

    You’re driven to create meaningful solutions to problems you care about and recognize the importance of working closely with business partners and clients. Commit to putting in the hard work, and success will come.

  • You have entrepreneurial potential.

    If you want to be successful in business, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. You’ll have to adjust your lifestyle and manage your resources well while building your company. You know it won’t always be glamorous, but the rewards are well worth it. Stay focused and don’t be afraid to take (calculated) risks when they feel right.

  • You might be better off as an employee.

    There’s nothing wrong with sticking with a steady job with dependable benefits—which might be your best bet right now, rather than leaping into the world of entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur takes a relentless dedication to achieving your goals. You can’t predict exactly how much you’ll have to work to make your dreams happen, and you can’t be deterred by how difficult it’ll be to get there.

  1. 1. How does the thought of unsteady income make you feel?

  2. 2. What’s your reaction when your boss asks you to take initiative on a new project?

  3. 3. Do you like working with other people?

  4. 4. Do you prefer a clear, set work schedule, or a more flexible one?

  5. 5. What’s your single biggest motivation for wanting to start your own business?

  6. 6. How well do you adapt to changing roles, responsibilities and circumstances?

  7. 7. How often do you feel stressed about work?

  8. 8. What do you do when you're not immediately successful at something?

  9. 9. How well do you manage money?

  10. 10. Have you worked on any side projects or businesses in the past?