Couples Quiz: How Financially Compatible Are You?
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When it comes to couple-related conflicts, money ranks pretty high on the list of issues partners clash over the most.

In fact, a 2014 Money Magazine poll cited it as the No. 1 source of discord for 70 percent of couples—edging out fights over household chores, intimacy issues and togetherness. The most money argument-prone age group? Those in their 20s and 30s.

Curious where you and your significant other land on the financial compatibility scale? Take our quiz to find out.

Couples Quiz: How Financially Compatible Are You?

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  • You're Two of a Kind

    When it comes to your finances, you and your partner are completely in sync. You make decisions as a team and tackle your money issues with gusto. Bravo!

    Considering financial problems can be a major source of strain for many couples, especially in tougher times, you have an automatic leg up because of the good communication habits you've been practicing. Continue hearing each other out and making your money talks productive—and you'll flourish both financially and romantically.

  • You're Separate, But Equal

    You tend to do your own thing when it comes to money, like maintain separate accounts or pay bills separately. But even though you're independent, you discuss major money decisions with your partner, which is crucial when you're building a life with someone.

    Two things to keep in mind for the future are transparency and teamwork. You can still respect each other's financial space, but as you grow as a couple, look at whether it would benefit you to combine or at least modify your goals in order to truly thrive as a pair.

  • You Might Be on Different Financial Pages

    While you and your main squeeze may be compatible in a number of important ways, you haven’t quite hit your financial stride. This could lead to conflict and distrust, making your money talks a major chore.

    Some good news: Just because you don't always agree doesn't mean you're destined for financial turmoil—or chronic relationship issues, for that matter. Spend some time talking about your feelings and values surrounding finances. As you're able to understand where the other person is coming from, you'll discover fresh new ways to tackle your money issues together.

  • You're Compatible, But Not Always Constructive

    Even though you and your partner have similar money habits, these tendencies can get you both into trouble, which leads to conflict—and perhaps even debt. While you're on the same page, this page may not be the best one for your long-term financial stability.

    If you tend to hide purchases from each other or keep other money-related secrets, this can lead to bigger issues down the road, for your economic state and your relationship. Sit down together and take stock of what's stressing you out and set some joint goals to help ease the burden.

  1. 1. How much do you and your partner contribute to the household finances?

  2. 2. How often do you disagree about money?

  3. 3. How do you typically resolver your money conflicts?

  4. 4. What are your money styles?

  5. 5. When you think about talking to your partner about finances, you feel ________:

  6. 6. What's your approach to deciding on big joint purchases, ranging from a new couch to car?

  7. 7. How comfortable did you feel about combining your finances with your partner's?

  8. 8. Is it ever okay to keep a financial secret from your partner?

  9. 9. When it comes to how you each manage money, you feel _____:

  10. 10. In case of emergency, who has access to your important financial and legal documents?

  11. 11. What would you and your partner do with a windfall?

  12. 12. How do your visions of long-term financial success compare?