Fame and Finances: Lessons From Stars' Good (and Bad) Money Moves
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It’s easy to put celebrities on a pedestal when it comes to money management. After all, they’ve got unlimited resources, and what few financial problems they might encounter are easily dispatched by the phalanx of attorneys and advisors at their disposal, right?

Wrong. Turns out, celebrities are just like the rest of us. Some serve as great financial role models—expertly negotiating raises, paying off their credit cards each month and living beneath their means—while others are better examples of what not to do with your cash.

Think you know who’s who? Take this quiz to test your knowledge—and pick up some valuable money lessons, too.


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  • What can you do right now, today, to make sure that your financial future is brighter than some of the stars’ in this quiz?

    Prendergast has some ideas. “The future is yours. Start now [with] small steps,” he says. “Build credit. Have an emergency fund for loss of a job, a new transmission in your car and the like. Put money away for retirement [and other goals] automatically each month.”

    And perhaps most importantly, find ways to live well within your means. “Decide what’s important to you,” Mendels says. “If all the bling is more important to you than your future, go ahead and spend it all. But if you want something to be there at some future date, then pay yourself first.”

  1. 1. Which stars didn't leave a will?

  2. 2. Which one of these superstar singers has not declared bankruptcy?

  3. 3. Which actress recently threatened to go public if she didn’t earn as much per episode as her co-star?

  4. 4. Which sitcom star famously keeps a zero balance on her credit card?

  5. 5. Which former child star recently appeared on Spike’s “Life or Debt,” discussing his (or her) $150,000 debt?

  6. 6. Which former NFL player garnered attention for living on $60,000 a year, despite a multi-million-dollar contract?

  7. 7. Which actor named his production company “Seven Bucks” after the amount of money he had in his pocket after losing a job in 1995?

  8. 8. Which top recording artist once said, "I cap myself when I shop. I don't like to spend extravagant amounts on clothes”?