10 fast-growing jobs that pay at least $50,000 a year

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If you're a recent college graduate or are simply looking for a new job, there are a number of positions in fast-growing industries like health care and tech that pay above the national annual average of about $48,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Here are 10 jobs projected to see significant growth through 2028 that pay a median salary of more than $50,000 per year, according to BLS data, and the highest level of education required to qualify for each.

10. Computer support specialists

Computer support specialists help individual computer users or organizations with issues in software, hardware, or any other tech connected to their computers, like printers and scanners. They're sometimes also called tech or IT specialists.

Highest level of education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 10.6% growth, or 70,900 openings
Median salary: $50,980

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9. Electricians

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical, lighting, communication, and control systems for businesses, factories, and residences. Some also coordinate lighting for TV and films.

Education required: High school diploma
Predicted growth: 10.4% growth, or 74,100 openings
Median salary: $55,190

8. Market research analysts and marketing specialists

Market research analysts monitor and forecast marketing and sales trends, measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies, collect and analyze data, and prepare reports surveying the fields of their companies' products.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 20.4% growth, or 139,200 openings
Median salary: $63,120

7. Accountants and auditors

Accountants and auditors examine the financial records of organizations to ensure they comply with the law, prepare tax returns for their employers, and ensure accounting systems are efficient, according to BLS.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 6.4% growth, or 90,700 openings
Median salary: $70,500

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6. Registered nurses

Registered nurses administer patients' medicine and treatments, teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses and injuries, perform tests and analyze results, record patients' medical histories and symptoms, and more, according to BLS.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 12.1% growth, or 371,500 openings
Median salary: $71,730

5. Management analysts

Management analysts work for their respective companies analyzing financial data, revenue, and expenditures. They work to recommend organizational changes and generally help to improve a company's efficiency.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 13.5% growth, or 118,300 openings
Median salary: $83,610


4. Medical and health services managers

Medical and health services managers work at health-care facilities improving their efficiency, ensuring the facility complies with the latest laws and regulations, recruiting and training staff, and so on.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 17.6% growth, or 71,600 openings
Median salary: $99,730

3. General and operations managers

General and operations managers form policies, manage daily operations, and plan the use of materials and human resources for private and public organizations.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 6.9% growth, or 165,000 openings
Median salary: $100,930

2. Software developers

Software developers analyze software users' needs and design, test, and develop the software accordingly. They also recommend software upgrades, teach programmers code, and ensure their programs continues to run smoothly.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 25.6% growth, or 241,500 openings
Median salary: $103,620

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1. Financial managers

Financial managers prepare financial statements and business activity reports, supervise employees who do budgeting for their organization, review financial reports, and analyze market trends relevant to their businesses.

Education required: Bachelor's degree
Predicted growth: 16% growth, or 104,700 openings
Median salary: $127,990

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