A Company Is Offering $1,000 if You Can Switch to a Flip Phone for a Week


Telecommunications company Frontier Communications is offering a tidy $1,000 to one person who is willing to swap their smartphone for a flip phone for a week.

The one qualification? You must love your smartphone. Frontier is looking for a “self-proclaimed smartphone fiend who’s always up to date on the latest tech news,” according to its press release.

The company would also prefer a candidate with an active social media presence or a willingness to vlog during their week. Candidates will be able to access a laptop, but not an iPad or tablet.

For a full seven days, the chosen applicant must exclusively use their flip phone and log thoughts and reactions on paper or on video. How did you get around without mapping apps? What did you use for an alarm? Overall, did you feel more or less productive?

Frontier representative Javier Mendoza says that Frontier will then partner with an academic researcher and analyze the winner’s log. “Really, this is a classic ethnographic research project,” he says. “Someone is recording an experience firsthand, an experience that has become ubiquitous for many of us.”

The candidate, if they’re successful, will receive not only $1,000 but a “Boredom Buster Swag Bag,” which contains a map, a phone book, a notepad, and some CDs from the ’90s. “Think Britney and Nsync,” the press release says. Mendoza adds that the candidate may also receive a “measure of internet fame, right off the bat,” as well.

To apply, candidates must submit a 200-word explanation as to why they would be the perfect fit for this challenge. The company has received close to 60,000 applicants already, Mendoza says. A winner will be chosen July 8.

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