5 career fields offering more hybrid jobs: Some pay more than $100,000

"We see the highest share of postings with remote or hybrid options in finance and insurance."


After the pandemic sent many Americans to work from home, many are now looking for flexibility on the job — in particular, the option to clock in remotely at least part of the time. Nearly half, 44%, of employees want a hybrid work model, according to a May 2021 Salary.com survey of 549 employees.

Employers are taking notice. A growing number of fields are offering hybrid work as the norm. "I think hybrid seems to be here to stay," says Brie Reynolds, career development manager at FlexJobs, who adds that 6 in 10, 60%, of jobs are predicted to have a hybrid model after the pandemic.

In some job categories, the number of hybrid positions grew more than 30% during the second quarter, compared to the first quarter, FlexJobs found. Here are five of those fields with fast-growing hybrid opportunities, plus in-demand job titles and their salaries according to Payscale.


Employees in this field help spread the word about their organizations' activities, with job tasks that include writing newsletters, social media posting and monitoring, and public relations outreach.

Marketing manager: These managers spearhead marketing campaigns, lead teams through their projects, and plan events for the company. FlexJobs found that this was one of the job titles mentioned most frequently among hybrid postings.

SEO manager: Search engine optimization managers are responsible for ensuring a company's online content, including websites, is optimized for Google search inquiries. They keep track of traffic and improve the company's visibility.

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Accounting and finance

Those working in this field help their clients, which might be individuals or organizations, keep their finances in order. Among all categories, "we see the highest share of postings with remote or hybrid options in finance and insurance," says Julia Pollak, labor economist at ZipRecruiter. Hybrid or remote work represents 38% of listings in this field, she says.

Senior accountant: Accountants read their clients' financial statements to make sure their activities comply with the law. They compute clients' taxes owed and ensure those are paid in whole and on time. Senior accountant was also one of the job titles most often mentioned among hybrid job postings, according to FlexJobs.

Director of finance: These specialists manage their organization's financial needs, including payroll, tax reporting, and budgets.


Jobs in tech vary widely, including engineers who build products for customers and personnel who support internal company operations. Because start-ups, specifically, "are engaged in such a fierce war over talent," says Pollak, "they have for years allowed the top engineers to work in a hybrid model" to attract them. A third of tech postings on ZipRecruiter offer fully remote or hybrid options.

System administrator: These specialists determine an organization's tech needs and install the necessary hardware. They upgrade the networks when needed and they ensure they are secure.

Software developer: Software developers learn users' needs and create applications that meet them. They design each of their systems' elements and ensure they continue to function smoothly.

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Human resources and recruiting

HR workers help a company hire personnel and resolve internal conflicts. "We see a lot of opportunities there, both for hybrid and remote [work], because the job market is as hot as it is," says Reynolds. "We are seeing lots of support staff needed to hire all those folks and onboard them."

HR generalist: HR generalists maintain employee files, hire and onboard new staff, and take disciplinary action against staff when needed.

Executive recruiter: Recruiters seek out personnel to fill open positions in an organization, holding preliminary interviews to see if candidates are a fit and helping hiring managers through the process. The position was also one of the ones most often mentioned among hybrid openings, according to FlexJobs.


Sales workers find customers for company products and ensure customers keep coming back. "Sales is also a really big field for fully remote jobs," says Reynolds.

Sales account manager: These salespeople maintain relationships with customers, answer their questions, and seek ways to improve business.

Sales director: These higher-ups analyze data within their markets to identify trends and sales opportunities, spearhead campaigns, and hire new sales team employees.

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As you seek out job opportunities, if a hybrid model is important to you, "it's important to have this conversation, address it, don't be shy and talk about it" early in the hiring process, says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster.

"The interviewing employer would say, 'Yes, this is hybrid,' or, 'No, we envision everyone back in the office 100%,'" says Salemi, "and there's your answer."

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