10 jobs you can get with an associate's degree: Several pay over $80,000 a year

From aerospace engineering technicians to dental hygienists, here are 10 jobs that only require an associate's degree, one of which pays as much as $122,000 per year.


Currently looking for work? You don't necessarily need a bachelor's degree to find a job that pays well. There are plenty of high-paid jobs that only require an associate's degree in a related field to qualify, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are 10, and how much you can earn with each.

Radiologic and MRI technologists

Radiologic and MRI technologists maintain and operate technology like X-ray machines. They prepare patients for procedures with the machines and work with physicians to evaluate the resulting images.

Median salary: $62,280 per year

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians work with electrical engineers to build, test, and repair instruments like computers, medical devices, and communications equipment.  

Median salary: $65,260 per year

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Aerospace engineering and operations technicians

These technicians operate and maintain equipment used to develop, test, and produce aircraft and their operating systems. They also build test facilities for aircraft, install them with new tech, and run computer simulations tools.

Median salary: $66,020 per year

Diagnostic medical sonographers

Diagnostic medical sonographers operate and maintain imaging equipment that helps physicians diagnose medical conditions. They prepare patients for procedures, review the equipment's test results, and keep track of patients' records.

Median salary: $68,750 per year

Web developers

Web developers build client websites using coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. They create websites' content and do maintenance on the websites they've built, including fixing user issues.

Median salary: $73,760 per year

Dental hygienists

Dental hygienists provide preventative care for patients. Their duties include assessing patients' oral health, removing tartar and plaque from teeth, applying sealants and fluoride to protect teeth, and educating patients about oral hygiene.

Median salary: $76,220 per year

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Nuclear medicine technologists

These technologists work with radioactive drugs, like those used to cure cancer. They prepare patients for procedures, administer the drugs, and monitor patients for any unusual reactions.

Median salary: $77,950 per year

Nuclear technicians

Nuclear technicians work with physicists and engineers on nuclear energy production or research. They operate and maintain equipment relevant to their work, note radiation levels produced by their activities, and teach their colleagues about radiation safety procedures.

Median salary: $82,080 per year

Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer and other diseases. They address questions or concerns a patient may have and explain the procedure. They operate the machinery that administers the radiation, and monitor a patient's treatment.

Median salary: $85,560 per year     

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers monitor and direct the movement of aircraft on the ground or in the air. They issue takeoff and landing instructions, notify pilots about weather patterns or runway closures, and control surrounding ground traffic.

Median salary: $122,990 per year

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