9 jobs you can do from anywhere that pay $61,000 per year or more

From recruiter to loan officer to web developer, here are nine well-paid jobs you can do remotely.


Although the coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on the U.S. economy, the months of May and June 2020 have each seen millions of jobs added to the labor market. Many of those new roles have been in hard-hit industries such as leisure and hospitality.

Many people are in search of work but prefer remote jobs while the pandemic remains a presence in our lives. Luckily, there are a growing number of lucrative opportunities for work-from-home and location independent employment.

Here are nine high-paying jobs that can be done remotely to consider in your job search. You can apply on sites such as MonsterZipRecruiterGlassdoorIndeed, or LinkedIn. If a job doesn't specify whether or not it is remote, make sure to ask your prospective employer during the interview.

Human resources specialist

Human resources specialists recruit employees for a given company. They consult with management to understand which roles need to be filled and what type of person they're looking for, conduct interviews with applicants to assess if they're a match, and ultimately hire the candidates who are a good fit.

Human resources specialist positions typically require a bachelor's degree in human resources, business, or another related field.

Average salary: $61,920 per year

Loan officer

Loan officers work for financial organizations such as banks and contact potential customers to see if they are in need of a loan. They assess applicants' information and credit score to see if they qualify for a given loan, and they approve loan applications. Their work can span mortgages to auto loans to private student loans

Most loan officers need a bachelor's degree, and loan officers who approve mortgages must be licensed in their state.

Average salary: $63,270 per year

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Web developer

Web developers build client websites using coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. They create websites' content and do maintenance on the websites they've built, including fixing user issues.

Depending on the job, an applicant may be required to have a bachelor's or associate's degree in web development, web design, programming, or another related field.

Average salary: $73,760 per year

UX designer

User experience (UX) designers help build the experience a user has with a given product, like a website or an app. They conduct research to see what competitors in the field are doing, conceive of the users' experience when they're interacting with the product, and create prototypes to test different models of a product.

UX design positions often require a bachelor's degree in computer science, web development, or graphic design.

Average salary: $83,920 per year

Operations research analyst

Operations research analysts collect data about operations in their respective companies. They identify problems in work flow, devise solutions for the problems using statistical simulations, and advise management about the best course of action for the company's productivity.

These positions typically require a bachelor of science in operations research, statistics, mathematics, or other related fields. Some jobs may also require expertise with statistics software.

Average salary: $84,810 per year

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Financial advisor

Financial advisors help people manage their personal finances. That includes planning for short- and long-term goals, navigating debt repayment, and helping to select investments. Advisors can make their money in a variety of ways from earning commissions to charging for their time.

Financial advisors who sell certain products or manage clients' investments may need to obtain licenses. 

Average salary: $87,850 per year

Information security analyst

Information security analysts keep computer systems safe by monitoring for potential breaches and implementing the use of security infrastructure in a given company.

Information security analyst jobs require a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming, as well as knowledge of security tools and programs.

Average salary: $99,730 per year

Regional sales manager

Regional sales managers, who take on more of a leadership role, are responsible for organizations' sales teams. They respond to customer complaints, prepare budgets for the team, analyze company sales, and help their agents develop techniques to acquire new customers.

Most sales managers need a bachelor's degree and at least some experience in the sales field.

Average salary: $117,704 per year

Data scientist

Data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret data on how clients interact with a company's product ranging from social media to email. They then offer their organizations ideas for how to implement change that could improve performance and efficiency. They may also build tools to collect data and see results more quickly.

Note that data scientist positions may require a master's degree in computer science, statistics, applied math or another related field, as well as extensive work experience. 

Average salary: $122,250 per year

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