6 remote jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree that pay over $70,000 a year


These days, more and more employers are open to the idea of their employees working from home over the long term. Telecommuting is becoming the new normal in some fields as self-isolation has forced companies to go fully remote.

"I think we will see a long-term remote work trend come out of this," says Brie Weiler Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs. "More people will be working remotely on an ongoing basis than had done before." 

Here are six jobs that offer a median salary of at least $71,000 and that can be done remotely. None requires a graduate degree. If you're not sure whether the role you're applying for offers the option of working remotely, make sure to ask your prospective employer during the interview process. 


Auditors examine the financial records of companies to ensure that they're accurate and that the company is complying with the laws. They compute a company's taxes and make sure they are paid on time. They also assess the financial operations of a company to see where it can cut back.

Most employers will require an applicant's bachelor's to be in accounting or a related field.

Median salary: $71,550 per year

Apply for auditing jobs on FlexJobsMonsterCareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors help individuals meet their short and long-term personal finance goals. They can advise clients on strategies to pay off debt and help with investments. Financial advisors may work on commission or charge a flat fee for their time. Financial advisors who sell certain products or manage clients' investments may need to obtain certain licenses. 

Median salary: $87,850 per year

Apply for financial advisor jobs on FlexJobsMonster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

I think we will see a long-term remote work trend come out of this.
Brie Weiler Reynolds
Career development manager and coach, FlexJobs

Software engineer

Software engineers analyze tech users' needs and develop software to meet them. They design computer programs and smartphone applications, monitor their systems' efficacy and functionality, and make any updates necessary to ensure their tech runs smoothly.

Software engineers typically have a bachelor's in computer science.

Median salary: $105,590 per year 

Find software engineer jobs on FlexJobsMonster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Human resources manager

Human resources managers manage a company's recruitment efforts and hiring processes, plan employee benefits programs, consult on human resources issues like equal employment opportunities and sexual harassment, and act as mediators if disputes within the company arise.

Employers may look for several years of relevant work experience in order for you to be considered.

Median salary: $116,720 per year

Find human resources manager jobs on FlexJobsMonster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.

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Marketing manager

Marketing managers build online, print, and other campaigns to spread the word about a company's products and activities. They monitor demand for the company's product and coordinate with the sales team to ensure the release of a product and its marketing happen simultaneously.

Several years of relevant experience may be required.

Median salary: $135,900 per year

Apply for marketing manager positions on FlexJobsMonster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.

IT manager

IT managers analyze a company's tech needs and implement its tech infrastructure. They ensure that everything runs smoothly, from selecting the best computers to making sure the web server is running without problems.

Employers may look for a candidate with a degree in computer or information science, specifically, as well as some relevant experience

Median salary: $146,360 per year

Apply for IT manager positions on FlexJobsMonster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

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