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House set to pass Covid relief as CDC issues new guidelines: Here’s how the headlines can affect your money

The House aims to send the legislation to the president before unemployment provisions expire Sunday.


Markets were mixed. The House is set to pass the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. Plus, the CDC issues new guidelines for post-vaccine life. Here's how the headlines could affect your money.

Dow climbed, tech stocks slid

Indexes were mixed Monday at the closing bell. The Dow climbed 1%, while the S&P 500 dropped 0.5% and the Nasdaq fell 2.4% as several major tech stocks slid. All three indexes were up Tuesday morning.

House set to pass $1.9 trillion Covid relief (again)

House Democrats are gearing up to pass President Joe Biden's Covid relief bill on Wednesday. The House is not expected to make any changes to the Senate's version of the bill, which includes $300 per week in federal unemployment benefits through September 6, $1,400 stimulus checks to most Americans, and an expansion of the child tax credit. 

The House aims to send the legislation to the president before current unemployment provisions expire on Sunday.

Suze Orman on how to use a second stimulus check

Video by Helen Zhao

The CDC issues new guidelines for gatherings 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new safety guidelines for people who have been vaccinated: They can visit each other without wearing masks or social distancing.

Vaccinated people can also interact with unvaccinated people from the same household, as long as those individuals aren't high-risk. Vaccinated people should still avoid medium and large gatherings and wear masks and social distance in public.

As more activities become safe and life goes back to normal, people may resume going out to bars, restaurants, and more. Start preparing your budget so you'll be ready.

Words you've heard: benchmark index

A benchmark index such as the S&P 500 tracks a range of companies in the market. Professional investors use benchmarks as a standard against which to measure the performance of an investment. 

Although the daily news can have an impact on your wallet, remember to take a long-term outlook when it comes to decisions on spending, saving, and investing.

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