How Celeb Trainer Chris Powell Went From $200K in Debt to Professional Success
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"Small steps lead to big change. Commit to completing just one thing at a time. Eventually, you will see monumental transformation."

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What money rules do you live by now?

Heidi is the financial brain of the family. [Here are some of her] financial rules: One, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. No matter how tempting it is to buy that new weight set on the promise of money coming in, don’t do it until the deal has closed.

Two, happiness will never come from material possessions, but misery will come from buying more than you need. Things cost money to maintain. The more conservatively you live, the more money you will have to buy experiences that create memories, not things that cause headaches.

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Three, diversify! Putting all of your eggs in one basket means that if that basket goes away, so do all of your eggs.

Your weight loss program focuses on physical fitness and having a healthy mindset. Can any of your advice for getting your body in shape also be applied to financial journeys?

Absolutely. First, small steps lead to big change. Commit to completing just one thing at a time. Eventually, you will see monumental transformation. [Just make sure you have] realistic expectations. The road isn’t all hugs and high fives. Stay the course, be patient, trust the process and you will get there.

Rallying your team: Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about your wellbeing and have financial smarts. Learn from them, and ask them questions. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you do, you will never be happy, which is what you are really pursuing, isn’t it?

Take responsibility. If you mess up, own it. Let go of your ego and learn from everything that happens.

What money lessons did you learn growing up?

I never learned many money lessons. My parents focused on giving me opportunities to build skills, like music lessons, language, martial arts, sports, art, etc. They encouraged anything creative, and always shared their unconditional belief in me. It gave me the permission and courage to dream big… I just didn’t know how to build those dreams into a viable business.

What do you consider your smartest investment?

The development of our app: TRANSFORM with Chris & Heidi. The upfront costs were high, but creating a digital platform to accommodate tens of thousands of transformations at once and connect people has been both financially and emotionally fulfilling.


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