5 of the fastest-growing jobs in America and how much they pay


We're in what experts have described as the "golden age" to get a new job. If you're entering the workforce or thinking about pivoting careers, it's worth considering which industries are expanding.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently identified the occupations that will have the most new job openings through 2028. Here are the top five fields that are projected to have the most new opportunities, and some of the jobs that experts say have the potential for high earnings.

5. Education, training, and library


This category includes: High school and college teachers, museum workers, librarians, and instructional coordinators, among other jobs.

Projected openings over the next decade: 937,000

Job with growth potential: College-level educators can earn a median salary of $78,470 per year, and the BLS projects that business teachers in particular have some of the best opportunities in this category. Professors need a master's degree, at least, to educate university students, and the BLS says it's typical to also have a Ph.D.

4. Management


This category includes: Administrative service managers, compensation and benefits managers, financial managers, and computer and information systems managers, among other jobs.

Projected openings over the next decade: 955,100

Job with growth potential: With tech now an integral part of everyday life, computer and information systems managers can earn a median $142,530 per year. Ideal candidates have a bachelor's and graduate degree in computer and information sciences, according to the BLS.

3. Personal care and service


This category includes: Personal care aids, child-care workers, and registered nurses, among other jobs.

Projected openings over the next decade: 1,266,600

Job with growth potential: Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow at a much faster rate than other occupations in the health-care field because of an aging population who prefer to be treated at home, according to the BLS. With a nursing degree, a registered nurse can make a median $71,730 per year working in hospitals, physicians' offices, nursing facilities, or taking care of patients at home. On the higher end, registered nurses working for the government can earn a median $78,390 per year.

2. Transportation and material moving

A student at Dowling College training in an air traffic control simulator.
Karina Frayter | CNBC

This category includes: Bus drivers, railroad workers, and air traffic controllers, among other jobs.

Projected openings over the next decade: 1,435,600

Job with growth potential: An air traffic controller can earn a median $124,540 per year coordinating safe distances between plane takeoffs and landing, according to the BLS. To enter the field, controllers need an associate's degree and training from an air traffic program and be a U.S. citizen. In addition, employees have to pass medical and background checks.

1. Food preparation and serving related


This category includes: Cooks, waiters, and fast food employees, among other jobs.

Projected openings over the next decade: 2,638,000

Job with growth potential: Being a head chef or cook at a restaurant comes with a median pay of $48,460 per year. Head chefs need five or more years of experience in a restaurant, plus training from a community college or technical school, to earn that title.

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