33% of hiring managers eliminate resumes without a Covid vaccine status: Here's how to include yours

"I would suggest a line at the top, perhaps part of an executive summary."


More than half, 58%, of the U.S. population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Mayo Clinic. And many employers have started inquiring about their potential new hires' vaccination statuses. More than a third, 33%, of hiring managers would automatically eliminate resumes that don't include a Covid-19 vaccine status, and 32% of hiring managers would give priority to applicants who indicate that they're vaccinated, according to an August 2021 Resume Builder survey of 1,250 hiring managers.

Mention of vaccine status in the interview process "is definitely something that we may see increase further, especially with all of the new vaccination mandates," says Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter. As such, if you're on the market for a new job, it may be a good idea to start including yours on your resume.

"I would suggest a line at the top, perhaps part of an executive summary," says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster. After the line or two that explains your background, you could include something like, "'I am fully vaccinated and am seeking work in your office,' or, 'I'm seeking a hybrid situation,'" she says.

Or you could include it at the bottom of the resume where you list special skills or training. "Typically, people have their languages there, their certifications or licenses, so you could add that there," says Pollak. A simple "I am fully vaccinated" would suffice.

"I don't think it matters so much where you put it," she says, "but I think it's important to recognize that it could be an advantage."

If you're in the process of getting vaccinated — say, you're in between shots or have scheduled both but haven't gotten them yet — you could also use either location to include a line such as, "I expect to be fully vaccinated by [insert date]."

Generally you want your resume to showcase aspects of your professional and personal life that would help get you hired. So if you aren't vaccinated, "I wouldn't include anything on the resume," says Pollak. That's the kind of detail that you can bring up, if necessary, during an interview. "Once you're in front of a person, you can discuss those things and you state that you're willing to get tested weekly or wear a mask or whatever it is."

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