7 items you can rent out to make extra money — some can earn you more than $500 per month

There are several platforms where people can rent out their possessions, from fishing boats to digital cameras. Here's what you can lend and how much you could earn.


If you're looking to earn extra money, one easy way is to make the most of what you've got: That is, rent out your stuff.

There are a lot of platforms where people can rent out their possessions, anything from fishing boats to digital cameras. If an item is in demand, you could earn hundreds of dollars a month. 

To limit your risk during the coronavirus pandemic, make sure to keep items and surfaces clean according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the company that made the item may also have guidelines on its website), and to adhere to social distancing protocols when meeting with any renter.

Here are some of the items, equipment, and even space you can rent out, and how much you can make doing so.


If you have a bike lying around that you don't use on a regular basis, consider renting it out on apps like Spinlister. The site lets you list a bike for an hourly rate, say, $13 per hour; a daily rate, say, $50 per day; or a weekly rate, say, $150 per week. It's free to list, but Spinlister takes 17.5% of all transactions.

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If you're an avid surfer or paddle boater, consider renting out your equipment on sites like The Quiver. Users list their equipment for anywhere from $7 per hour to $125 per day, and you could earn as much as $500 per month, according to the company. The Quiver charges a 10% transaction fee, and PayPal charges its own fees as well.


Instead of letting your car sit used while you're working from home during the pandemic, consider renting it on sites like HyreCar or Turo.

On HyreCar, car owners rent out vehicles for anywhere from $29 to $100 per day, according to the company's senior vice president of strategic partnerships Brian Allan. "The vehicle owner will typically make about $800 a month, net, after our [20%] transaction fees," says Allan.

On Turo, listings range from a 2009 Nissan Versa for $20 per day to a 2016 Tesla for $130 per day. Renters make an average of $706 per month, according to the site, earning between 65% and 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle insurance plan they choose.


Apps like GetMyBoat let you rent out various types of boats, ranging from a $25-per-hour kayak to a $400-per-hour private yacht. It's free to list on GetMyBoat and the site takes an 8.5% fee for every rental.

The vehicle owner will typically make about $800 a month.
Brian Allan
Senior vice president of strategic partnerships, HyreCar


If you happen to own land that's perfect for camping, consider renting it out on sites like Tentrr or Hipcamp.

Tentrr offers a variety of ways to rent out your land, with or without camping equipment. In the Tentrr Backcountry tier, for example, landowners rent out their land and campers bring their own equipment. The average nightly rate for this tier is $35, according to the Tentrr website, with landowners earning 90% of the rate.  

Hipcamp recommends listing your grounds for anywhere from $35 to $350 per night, depending on the amenities provided. It estimates someone in Ohio can earn up to roughly $1,200 per month. The platform takes a 10% commission of every stay. Unless you're offering camp grounds for RVs or your property is larger than 20 acres, you will need to provide visitors a working toilet. 

Big-ticket home items

Sites like FriendwithA and Fat Llama let you rent out an array of objects, with a lot of renters posting sports equipment, home appliances, and electronics. FriendswithA features everything from a $29-per-day lawn mower to a $750-per-day photo booth. Fat Llama features everything from a $12-per-day tent to a $250-per-day camera.

Lenders on FriendwithA pay a 10% fee and an insurance fee based on the item price and condition per rental, and lenders on Fat Llama pay a 25% fee.


Odds are good you have even more items around the house that are rentable.

One Fat Llama user, for instance, is renting out an acoustic guitar for $20 per day. Another site, RentNotBuy, features everything from a $50-per-week khaki suit to a $35-per-day selfie stick. 

Peruse these sites for inspiration, then take a look around your house to see what could make you some money.

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