Making thousands of dollars a month on Fiverr: How an organizer, video editor, and rapper launched successful businesses

Jessica Herring.
Courtesy Jessica Herring
Key Points
  • Jessica Herring started offering fellow Twitch users video editing services on Fiverr, and within months she was making thousands of dollars on the site.
  • Michael Burton started offering his rapping services on Fiverr and has made more than $400,000 writing rhymes for his clients.
  • Dani Prado started offering her home organizing services on Fiverr during the pandemic and has since brought in $20,000.

With the proliferation of platforms like TaskRabbit, Etsy, and Udemy, these days, people can make a living in a variety of unique ways. They can sell seasonal cards for at-home printing, for example. They can teach people how to bake sourdough bread and they can do someone's shopping.

One among the sites that has seen both growth in services and growth in demand is Fiverr. "Fiverr has turned out to be a really great job platform," says Kathy Kristof, founder and editor of Sidehusl.com. When it comes to helping their freelancers, she adds, "they are really good at telling people how to create packages of work."

The site features an array of professionals offering mostly digital assistance. Professionals range from NFT artists to voice over actors to translators.

Here are three people who have built unique and lucrative businesses on Fiverr.

Jessica Herring has brought in more than $90,000 editing videos

In 2019, Jessica Herring, 36 and based in Florida, started her Fiverr account to serve her Twitch community of gamers. An avid video gamer herself, she discovered her friends needed graphics like the ones she'd made for streaming on the site, so she built a Fiverr profile and started to offer her services.

Herring had also dabbled in video editing, so when Twitch began offering users the ability to put trailers on their channels, she jumped on the opportunity to edit them, creating a video editing service on her profile as well.

At the time, Herring was just figuring out how to make a living. Having long been a stay-at-home mom, she wasn't initially sure how to support herself and her son. "I found myself in a predicament where, here I am, in my 30s, and I don't have a college diploma, I have little work experience," she previously told Grow.

She worked as a teacher's aide, but as demand for her services on the site grew, Herring realized she could lean into Fiverr full-time. By September 2020, when she was let go from her aide position, "I literally made about six times that month on Fiverr than I did at the school," she said.

At school, she made $800 per month. That month, she made $5,200 from Fiverr alone.

Michael Burton has brought in more than $400,000 rapping

Michael Burton, 37 and based in Texas, was always a rapper. He started at 15 and fell in love with creating, finding moments throughout his day even as an adult to write rhymes. "That's still what I'm doing in my breaks, on my free time, on the weekend," he previously told Grow. "It's never stopped."

After college, Burton bounced around from job to job, often at call centers, never quite finding work that fulfilled him. Having learned that some people are selling their rap skills on Fiverr, he decided to create a profile himself. He charged $5 for eight bars, "roughly 20 to 30 seconds" of music.

Michael Burton.
Courtesy Michael Burton

Burton initially created a profile in 2015, but took a break and picked it back up in mid 2016. By mid 2017, the hustle was bringing in $3,000 per month.

Today, Burton's brought in more than $400,000 rapping on Fiverr. Among his most popular niche clients: Norwegian teenagers who want one-of-a-kind raps for their coming-of-age ceremony, the konfirmasjon. "I've done so many," he said. "I'm like an honorary Norwegian."

Dani Prado has brought in $20,000 organizing homes

Dani Prado moved to the U.S. from Brazil in 2014 with her husband and son. She'd been working as a marketing manager in Sao Paulo, but "when we came to the United States, I figured out that it was my chance to reinvent myself, reinvent my career," she previously told Grow.

Prado had always loved organizing, so decided to start a home organizing business and took some courses to home her skills in the subject. She started Go! Organizer in 2015, serving people in her then Connecticut community.

Dani Prado.
Courtesy Dani Prado

When the pandemic hit, even as she was mid projects, Prado realized she couldn't enter people's homes as she used to. Instead, she started working with 3D renderings of people's homes and offering video tutorials to clients. To sell her now digital services, she created a profile on Fiverr in April 2020.

By October 2021, she'd brought in $20,000 from the site.

Prado, now based in Wisconsin, recently added interior design to her offerings, and her packages are some of the more expensive on the site. They go for up to $690 each. "This is my strategy to positioning myself" as a premium business, she said. "Premium in delivery, premium in quality, premium in experience."

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