3 people whose side hustles can bring in thousands of dollars a month, and how they turned passion into profit

"I was always in here in my room, making my music anyway."

Courtesy Sereda

Millions of people are leaving their jobs as part of the Great Resignation. Their reasons vary, but some are looking to pivot to something new altogether. One in five people who quit their last job did so because they're seeking a new career, according to a Q3 Joblist survey of 26,278 job seekers.

If you recently quit or are thinking of quitting in hopes of finding a new direction, consider letting your hobbies and passions guide the way. Plenty of people have been able to build moneymaking side hustles or full-time careers based on activities they truly love.

Here are three people who were able to turn their passions into lucrative work.

Gamer's 'favorite hobby' can bring in $5,200/mo via Fiverr

Jessica Herring, 36, has long been a video game lover. "It's my favorite hobby," she recently told Grow. In the spring of 2020, Herring was working as a teacher's aide when she got a message that a site she streams on, Twitch, was offering streamers a way to feature trailers on their channels.

"I was like, 'That's going to be something. I'm going to jump on that,'" she said. Herring began offering video editing services for Twitch trailers on the freelancer site Fiverr, and the requests came pouring in. In June 2020, she brought in $2,600 from Fiverr alone.

Herring was laid off from her school job in September 2020, but by then her Fiverr side hustle was more than covering expenses. She brought in $5,200 in September 2021, and thus far has been able to bring in more than $90,000 from the site altogether. In July, her family moved to Orlando. "Moving to Florida was always my dream," she said.

Jessica Herring.
Courtesy Jessica Herring

Traveler's blog becomes 'a way to create passive income'

Rocky Trifari, 26, always knew he wanted to travel. "I had traveled a little bit here and there but never on any sort of a solo, long-term trip, which was really what appealed to me," he previously told Grow.

He started a lifestyle blog in high school, and eventually refocused it on his love of travel. Trifari spent six months in 2018 traveling in Greece, Poland, Spain, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and eight months in 2019 living in Spain. Throughout his time abroad, he wrote blog posts featuring affiliate links and sponsored posts relevant to his travels, earning money even as he pursued his passion.

"Blogging is a way to create passive income ― you create content once and then if you monetize it, it can create recurring streams," he said. Today, his blog brings in $100-$2,500 per month in passive income.

Rocky Trifari at the Olympic bobsleigh in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
Courtesy Rocky Trifari

Singer-songwriter amasses 260,000 followers on Twitch

In early 2019, Sereda, who goes by one name, was ready to give up on music. She'd been trying to make it in the industry for seven years, taking meeting after meeting in her hometown of L.A. to no avail. "I came to L.A. with a dream, and I basically failed," she told Grow.

In May 2019, a friend introduced her to Twitch, a livestreaming platform often used by gamers to stream themselves playing, and Sereda started livestreaming her songwriting and production process. "I was always in here in my room making my music anyway," she said. Her popularity on the site grew, and she's since amassed more than 260,000 followers.

Twitch hosts can monetize their channels in various ways, such as encouraging followers to subscribe to their channel and featuring ads. Within a year, Sereda's channel was bringing in $4,500 per month. "Here I am, an independent artist with no record label, no publishing deal, no manager, no help from anybody, literally just me and this platform, Twitch," she said.

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