How to turn your side hustle into a full-time, well-paid job, according to 3 entrepreneurs who've done it

If you want to turn your side hustle into a full-time job, here's what could help.

Keshia Ross.
Courtesy Keshia Ross

People pick up side hustles for many reasons: to help pay for bills, to build a robust savings account, to have extra spending money for leisure activities and luxuries. For some, doing that side hustle ultimately proves more fun and rewarding than their full-time job.

If you've started a side hustle and realize it's really what you want to be doing, how do you turn your side hustle into your main gig? Grow recently spoke with several people who've been able to do just that.

Here's their advice for anyone who's considering a similar switch.

Find work that you are 'really excited about'

Keshia Ross started selling her used clothes on online marketplace Poshmark in 2013 and quickly realized both that it was a viable way to make money and that she enjoyed it. Today, she works on her Poshmark store full time, while also selling on sites like Mercari and eBay. She's made more than $40,000 on Poshmark alone.

Ross genuinely loves what she's doing, which she credits to her success. "I have a little bit of a shopping addiction," she says. "It's just something that I'm very passionate about. I can honestly say when Sunday night rolls around, I'm not dreading waking up Monday to work. I'm actually really excited about it."

When considering a pivot to full-time work with your hustle, make sure it's something you find exciting and that'll keep your attention.

Keshia Ross.
Courtesy Keshia Ross

Know the market value of your work

Steven Leitch started selling services on freelance services site Fiverr ― from making e-book art to transcribing ― in January 2019, and he soon decided to focus his efforts on helping people with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Having worked in the human resources and recruiting fields for years, "I know what the value is in the market for those types of things," he says.

While at first he was charging $5 per project, today he brings in $250 per project on average. He was let go from his job in March, and he now works full time on the site and makes between $4,000 and $5,000 per month.

Do your research and see how much the pros in your side hustle field are charging for their work and what kind of workload and rates you'd need to sustain you without another job.

Steven Leitch.
Courtesy Frame Five Media

Be ready to put in the hours

A longtime RV repairman, Randall Gibbons started answering people's questions on JustAnswer, a site that lets people seek help on an assortment of topics, in 2009. In those first few years, he was making just $400 or $500 per month answering questions on the site.

Since he sold his RV repair shop in April 2020, he's been spending his days on JustAnswer and has "made almost $20,000 every month since May," he says.

Randall Gibbons answering a JustAnswer call.
Courtesy Randall Gibbons

Randall's schedule can seem a bit grueling. "I get up, usually at 4:30 in the morning," he said. "I'm always online by 5." He then stays up until 10 or 11 at night answering questions, working 16-to-18-hour days with breaks in between.

While not everyone who wants to turn their side hustle into their main job needs to, or should, work this many hours, it's important to remember that a lot of the people who've done this are making a living wage because they're putting in much more time.

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