July’s jobs report was ‘very encouraging’: Here are 8 jobs in high demand

The latest jobs report "shows signs of improvement in sectors that require more on-site work."


The U.S. economy added 943,000 jobs in July, according to the Department of Labor, and hiring rose at its fastest pace in nearly a year. As of the last day of June, there were 10.1 million open jobs, the highest number ever recorded

"I think it's a very encouraging jobs report overall," says Julia Pollak, labor economist at ZipRecruiter. As for where the jobs are, "the gains are very broadly distributed with the vast majority of industries adding jobs, not losing them," she adds.

Here are eight jobs in high demand right now according to Monster, and their median annual salaries according to PayScale. 

Leisure and hospitality

The latest jobs report "shows signs of improvement in sectors that require more on-site work," says Vicki Salemi, careers expert at Monster. "That would include leisure and hospitality." That industry added 380,000 jobs in July, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Server: Waiters and waitresses take customer orders, deliver them to the kitchen for preparation, and then take customers' payments when they've finished their meals.

Median annual salary: $25,000

Bartender: Bartenders converse with customers, take their drink orders and prepare them, and clean up their space at the end of their shift. 

Median annual salary: $36,000

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The government sector added 240,000 jobs in July, including jobs in education.

Pre-school teacher: Preschool teachers care for and educate children younger than 5 years old. They teach them basic skills including identifying colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, and organize activities helping them to learn about the world and playing with others. This position typically requires at least an associate's degree. 

Median annual salary: $33,000

Special education teacher: These educators work with students who have learning, mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. They assess students' educational needs, develop unique programs that would fit them, and update parents and guardians on their progress. This position requires a bachelor's degree and may require a license. 

Median annual salary: $50,000

Professional and business services

ZipRecruiter saw some of its biggest jumps in postings within professional and business services, Pollak says. The sector added 60,000 jobs altogether, according to BLS. 

Recruiter: These human resources specialists help companies find talent to fill open roles. They screen resumes, hold first interviews, and help candidates through the hiring process. This position often requires a bachelor's degree.

Median annual salary: $52,000 

Business analyst: Business analysts help businesses and organizations make informed decisions about goals and best practices by evaluating relevant data. This position often requires a bachelor's degree.

Median annual salary: $62,000 

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Health care

The health-care industry added 46,800 jobs in July.

Dental assistant: Dental assistants prepare the work area before patients arrive, sterilize instruments, teach patients about oral hygiene, and keep records of previous treatments. 

Median annual salary: $35,000

Registered nurse: These nurses assess patients' health, administer treatments and medications, set up plans for patients' care, and teach patients and their families about their injuries or conditions. This position requires a relevant degree and nurses must be licensed by the state.

Median annual salary: $66,000

Although 2020 saw many job losses, now "we're much more optimistic," says Salemi. "We're seeing that in the numbers and in the hiring and in the job openings, which is such a positive sign."

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