9 jobs in high demand right now: Most pay more than $50,000/year

"There's definitely a hiring need [for manufacturing jobs] and we don't see that slowing down either."


The U.S. economy added just 235,000 jobs in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, considerably lower than the 720,000 openings experts had predicted.

Industries like leisure and hospitality, which had led the way in openings for months, stalled, and government jobs, which had also seen an uptick recently, cut 8,000 roles.

There are likely a number of reasons the economy is seeing job creation slow down, like "summer vacations," says Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster. "When I worked in recruiting, hiring tended to stall around that time of year," she says.

The delta variant of Covid likely also affected job creation. In August, 400,000 people reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that they were unable to work due to the pandemic. And as the delta variant began to surge, "we started hearing more about it in the August time frame," says Salemi. "So that could be part of the uncertainty as well."

Still, some industries did see substantial growth. Here are nine jobs in high demand right now according to Monster, and their median annual salaries according to PayScale. 

Professional and business services

The professional and business services sector added 74,000 jobs in August, the most of any sector. "That's been consistent with previous months," says Salemi. July saw 60,000 new roles open in the industry.

Human resources specialist: HR specialists help their companies recruit and interview applicants, fill open positions, solve conflicts between personnel in the office, and let people go if necessary. This role requires a bachelor's degree.

Median annual salary: $52,000

Business operations specialist: These professionals help their businesses improve operations by reviewing their regular procedures, interviewing employees, and writing up reports based on their findings. It requires a bachelor's degree.

Median annual salary: $54,000

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Transportation and warehousing 

This sector added more than 53,000 roles in August. The field is heavily "tied to e-commerce," says Salemi. "Last year we saw a surge in e-commerce in general," which led to demand in transportation and warehousing roles. "We don't see that waning anytime soon."

Warehouse worker: Warehouse workers process and prepare orders by pulling the necessary products, packing them in boxes, and bringing them to the delivery area. They also complete reports about their work.

Median annual salary: $35,000

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers: These drivers transport goods from city to city or even state to state, depending on their destination. They secure shipments before taking off, inspect their trailers before leaving and after returning, and report any problems that may have come up along the way.

Median annual salary: $57,000


Manufacturing added 37,000 jobs in August. For Salemi, manufacturing falls "in the same bucket" as transportation and warehousing, as they're all part of the supply chain for products. "There's definitely a hiring need and we don't see that slowing down either," she says.

Quality control inspector: These professionals examine products and materials on the manufacturing floor for any problems or defects. They read blueprints, monitor operations to ensure they meet standards, inspect finished items, and remove materials that don't meet expectations.

Median annual salary: $50,000 

Machinists: Machinists operate computer-controlled machines that produce instruments and tools. They read blueprints, align and adjust cutting tools, monitor machines, and examine completed products.

Median annual salary: $51,000 

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The information sector, which includes many tech roles, added 17,000 jobs in August.

Software developer: Software developers design and develop software that meets their clients' or organization's needs. They ensure their programs run smoothly over time, troubleshoot problems that may arise, and recommend upgrades when necessary. Applicants will need a relevant bachelor's degree to be considered.

Median annual salary: $73,000

Financial services

The finance industry added 16,000 jobs in August.

Bookkeeper: These financial experts use bookkeeping software and databases to keep track of the financial transactions of an organization. They produce reports like balance sheets, input costs and income into the software, and check for accuracy. This position may require some college experience.

Median annual salary: $44,000

Accountant: Accountants examine financial statements, compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and maintain and organize financial records for businesses and individuals. The position requires a bachelor's degree.

Median annual salary: $52,000

You can find these, and similar positions on sites like Monster, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, FlexJobs, and LinkedIn

As you're looking, keep in mind that many of these jobs can be done part time as well. They "could be like a side hustle," says Salemi, if you are looking to boost your income heading into the winter holiday season.

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