U.S. just added 2.5 million jobs: Here are 8 in-demand jobs in the industries that are hiring


For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak, the Department of Labor reported a decline in unemployment, with 2.5 million new jobs added to the labor market during May and the jobless rate dropping to 13.3% from 14.7%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) credits the boost to states slowly reopening their economies and businesses resuming operations. 

Among the industries that saw the most growth are leisure and hospitality (which added 1.2 million jobs), construction (464,000 jobs), education and health services (424,000 jobs), and retail (368,000 jobs), according to the BLS.

Here are eight of the most in-demand jobs in those fields right now, according to the career sites Monster and ZipRecruiter, and how much they pay.

Restaurant cooks

As states reopen, restaurants and cafes have been among the first businesses allowed to open, although often with restrictions for on-site dining.

Restaurant cooks prepare a variety of foods at the direction of chefs, from burgers to soups to dessert. They make sure ingredients are used in the correct portions then grill, fry, boil, or steam the food to be served. At the end of the day, they typically clean work areas and wash dishes.

Median salary: $26,360 per year

Delivery driver

Delivery drivers pick up packages and shipments from retailers and take them to customers in the area. Their work can be physically demanding, as they must pick up and carry cargo and often drive for many hours at a time. 

Demand for delivery drivers rose during the pandemic, as more people opted to order goods online, and that need hasn't diminished. ZipRecruiter saw a 12.3% increase in demand for delivery drivers the first week of June.

Median salary: $32,020 per year


Construction worker

Construction was considered essential during the pandemic, and activities have only picked up since states began to reopen. Construction workers clear construction sites, build scaffolding for buildings, operate machinery that carries building materials, and assist any specific craft workers with their duties on the site.

Median salary: $36,000 per year

House painter

Painters paint and coat every part of a building from the walls to the ceiling. They also prepare surfaces for painting by filling holes and cracks with materials like plaster.

As construction in general has picked up, so has the need for various craftworkers within the industry. In the first week of June, ZipRecruiter saw a nearly 30% increase in demand for house painters.

Median salary: $40,280 per year

Restaurant manager 

Restaurant managers manage day-to-day operations, from hiring and training staff to ordering food and supplies to managing budgets and payroll. ZipRecruiter saw a 5.5% growth in demand for restaurant managers in the first week of June, as more and more restaurants resume dine-in service.

Median salary: $55,320 per year

Registered nurse

Registered nurses administer patients' medicine and treatments, teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses and injuries, perform tests and analyze results, record patients' medical histories and symptoms, and more, according to BLS. As the economy reopens, experts expect health-care providers will need to hire more staff like registered nurses to meet demand for telemedicine and team-based health approaches. 

Registered nurse positions require an associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing or a diploma from a nursing program. Nurses also must be licensed through the state to work.

Median salary: $73,300 per year

Supply chain analyst

Supply chain analysts, or logisticians, manage a company's supply chain, learning clients' needs, overseeing a product's creation, and ensuring it ultimately finds its customers. This position is one found in numerous industries and as businesses of all kinds resume operations, they may need supply chain analysts to manage their production. This position often requires a bachelor's degree.

 Median salary: $74,750 per year

Physical therapist

Physical therapists help people improve mobility and manage pain after an injury through exercise, stretching, and the use of various equipment. In the first week of June, ZipRecruiter saw a 9% increase in demand for physical therapists. Physical therapists must have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and must be licensed by the state. 

Median salary: $89,440 per year 

Although states' economies are opening up, experts say it's still important to take precautions against contracting or accidentally transmitting the coronavirus. Make sure to ask your prospective employer, possibly as part of the interview process, what they're doing to ensure safety on the job, and keep following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for protecting yourself and others while at work.   

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