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Job growth jumped in June — and these 3 industries saw the biggest gains

"Talk to people in your network to get a feel for how much movement is taking place in your field.”


The American job market grew in June, as more businesses reopened and the economy continued to recover. Nonfarm payrolls rose by 850,000, according to the Labor Department, beating analysts' expectations and far outpacing the growth rate from May.

These latest figures bring the total job recovery from pandemic losses to 15.6 million. More than 22 million workers were laid off at the start of the pandemic last spring.

It wasn't just the number of jobs that rose last month, though. People got paid more, too. Average hourly earnings increased 0.33% for the month, and were 3.6% higher compared to last June. 

Despite all the new jobs added, the unemployment rate worsened slightly. It rose to 5.9% from 5.8%. Economists had projected an improvement to 5.6%.

3 tips for getting a job in a new industry

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A few industries saw especially notable gains:

  • Hospitality: As Covid restrictions ease and more people begin to dine out and travel, restaurants, bars, and hotels are adding workers. The industry gained 343,000 roles in June. However, that's still about 2.2 million fewer jobs than it had in February 2020, and the sector has a current unemployment rate of 10.9%.
  • Education: As in-person classes resume, the field gained 269,000 employees across state, local, and private hiring, last month's estimates show.
  • Retail: Consumers are flocking back to stores, and retailers are staffing up, adding 67,000 jobs last month.

How to approach the job market if you're out of work

If you're still out of work, the summer could be a great time to seek employment, experts say.

"Whether you're looking for work in your current location or elsewhere, consider what the job market looks like for your chosen industry and line of work in that area," Amanda Augustine, career expert at TopResume, told Grow recently. "Check out various job boards, set up Google News alerts for the major companies in your space, and talk to people in your network to get a feel for how much movement is taking place in your field."

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