4 email newsletters experts say can help you save money when you shop


The cost of living in the U.S. increased 14% in just three years, according to a 2018 analysis by GoBankingRates.com, and American households now owe $1.08 trillion in revolving consumer debt, according to July 2019 data from the Federal Reserve.

Still, there are easy ways to save money on the purchases you make so you can reduce your overall yearly spending. One way to find out about deals and sales is to sign up for free, helpful email newsletters that deliver discounts on a variety of products directly to your inbox.

Below are four newsletters experts recommend that can help you save money when you shop:

Salemail by Shop It To Me

If you like to shop for clothing online but don't want to check the sale section of each store you patronize, you could subscribe to Salemail by Shop It To Me.

When prompted, you enter your favorite stores, along with your size for tops, pants, and shoes, and the newsletter will aggregate all the sale items that are your size and preferred style. You can choose whether you want to receive emails daily, weekly, or twice a week.

"It's basically your own personal bargain hunter since they scour the web for the best deals that fit your profile," says Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert.

If you don't want to wait for a newsletter, you can also visit the Shop It To Me website and find your personalized deals compiled on your homepage. Right now, Shop It To Me says that at Nordstrom, a Madewell button-down top has been discounted from $69.95 to $49.99, and at The Outnet, a pair of blue suede Adidas sneakers that were $110 are now $55.

Best Deals Today by PCMag

"PCMag is a really authoritative resource for tech shoppers," says Kristin McGrath, shopping expert at Offers.com, because it offers hundreds of reviews and how-tos. It also sends out a Best Deals Today newsletter, where you'll find a list of the tech-product bargains worth paying attention to that day. Deals are offered mostly online but may also be available in stores.

"This is really handy during megadeals events, like Black Friday," McGrath says.

Deal Alerts by BradsDeals

To narrow in on a specific product or store, sign up for Deal Alerts from Brad's Deals. After you choose what item or retailer you're interested in, you'll get deals tailored to you. You can control the frequency of alerts as well, and receive them either daily, every two days, or weekly.

Brad's Deals covers a variety of items from seltzer to hammocks to Apple watches, from a wide range of stores. For example, on Brad's Deals, you can find that at Macy's, Nike women's shoes that were originally $64.99 are $25, as of September 10. And at Target, queen-size sheets that were $45.99 are $34.49.

Mashable Deals by Mashable

This newsletter is more "under-the-radar," McGrath says, as Mashable is more popular and well-known for its tech and pop culture coverage, but the Mashable Deals newsletter will alert you when the latest gadgets are priced lower than usual.

For example, Mashable Deals recently alerted readers to a price drop on the Alexa-compatible iRoomba vacuum, which was discounted 30%, from $1,099 to $769.99, on Amazon. "That's its biggest discount ever on the site, by the way," the site pointed out. As of September 10, the vacuum is selling for $949, or only 14% off.

"It's good for shoppers who aren't necessarily out to save on ordinary everyday purchases, but who instead want to be in the know about the coolest products out there and how to get them for less," McGrath says.

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