6 lesser-known online resources that can help you land a job

Nontraditional sites to help with a job search include levels.fyi, Stillhiring, and JustRemote.


The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 6.9% in October, while 638,000 jobs were added to the economy, according to the Labor Department. Still, the number of people receiving some form of unemployment assistance remains high at 21 million.

If you're currently looking for work, traditional job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, ZipRecuiter, and FlexJobs can offer a lot of options. But there are other, lesser-known sites that could help you find job opportunities, too, and they often offer information that the better-known sites overlook.

Here are six nontraditional sites and resources that could help widen your job search.


Levels.fyi lets users "compare and contrast different career levels across different companies," says the site, including salaries and titles. The site currently features a list of companies hiring worldwide for roles in accounting, sales, human resources, data science, engineering, and many others.

Available roles are both onsite and remote.


Stillhiring is a platform that crowdsources and features employers actively hiring worldwide. Among its featured companies at the moment are Zwift, a fitness company based in Long Beach, California, and Peak6, an investment firm based in Chicago, both with more than 20 open roles.

Stillhiring also has a newsletter with weekly updates on who's hiring.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job board listing for remote jobs specifically, ranging from programming to design to sales to marketing. Sales jobs have been some of the most in-demand remote jobs in 2020.

The site also has a daily newsletter that can be tailored to the kinds of jobs you're looking for.

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JustRemote, too, lists open job opportunities that are partially or fully remote. Openings currently featured include content writer, business analyst, and social media manager.

You can subscribe to the site's weekly newsletter or to its Power Search feature, which gives you exposure to a whole other set of listings that aren't as well circulated. The latter service is $5 for the first month, according to the site, and $12 per month after that, according to freelance expert Ryan Robinson.


Underpin is a tech recruiting company with a database of tech jobs all over the world. Its listings include a link to the original job post, years of job experience required, and keywords they'll be looking for to include in your resume if they're relevant to your experience.

If you don't work in tech, remember different fields may have their own specific job boards. Mediabistro, for example, is a job board site for those who work in communications, Variety posts job openings in entertainment, Health eCareers features jobs in medicine, and so on.

Do a Google search for job boards in your field and make sure you're hitting those up in your search, too.

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#Hiring Now

#Hiring Now is LinkedIn's "regularly updated" list of companies hiring right now. According to the site and as of November 13, for example, Target plans to hire for 130,000 seasonal jobs, Amazon is hiring for more than 100,000 jobs, UPS is hiring for 100,000 jobs, and FedEx is hiring for 70,000 jobs.

"Even before the pandemic, only approximately 50% of open positions were published," says Amanda Augustine, career expert at TopResume, "so this is another way to find some of those unpublished opportunities."

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