4 great online side hustles if you want flexibility: One pays up to $50 per hour

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Key Points
  • More than a third, 34%, of side hustlers say flexibility is what matters most in a side hustle, according to a DollarSprout survey.
  • If you're looking for flexibility, an online side hustle might be your best bet.
  • Consider writing or editing for online creators, bookkeeping for businesses, or selling unique code.

When choosing a side hustle, people's priorities vary. Over 4 in 10, 42%, of hustlers say they want a gig they enjoy doing, according to an October 2021 DollarSprout survey of 500 people with side gigs. Another 20% say compensation is most important, and 34% say a flexible schedule is key.

If you're looking for a side hustle and flexibility matters to you, choosing a gig you can do online is a good place to start. Many can be done whenever you have a spare moment in the day and from the comfort of your own home ― even the comfort of your own bed.

Here are four online side hustles to consider.

Edit for creators

Creators often need help editing their content, and businesses need help editing blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, and other communications to help widen their customer base.

This side hustle is especially great "for people that don't want to create some giant brands themselves and a whole social media presence," says side hustle expert Daniella Flores. They're just interested in picking up jobs in the field.

Find editing jobs on sites like Scribendi, Wordvice, and freelancer.com. Payment can vary depending on project size and expertise needed, but gigs on Scribendi go for $5 to $50 per hour, according to Sidehusl.com.

Write for creators

As more creators build brands around their voices, many find they need help writing content. Demand for this kind of help "is growing every day," says Flores, "not only with blogs and podcasts and YouTubes but now creators that solely exist on social media."

That help could include writing scripts for videos or writing captions for videos. One gig Flores has seen pop up is podcast show notes writer. Podcast show notes are the description of the episode that could show up on its iTunes page or on a website where the show is embedded.

"You're doing transcription along with writing," says Flores. "Maybe some summary of the episode," plus anything else the creator might want to add.

Join Facebook writing groups to see if they're posting this kind of work, sign up to find writing gigs on sites like WriterAccess, or create a profile on sites like Fiverr offering your services. Podcast show notes writers are charging $5 to $120 on Fiverr.

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Do some bookkeeping

Businesses are constantly forming in the U.S., with 413,958 new business applications filed in March 2022 alone, according to the Census Bureau.

New and existing businesses need help keeping up with their finances, so there's a lot of demand for bookkeepers, says Kelan Kline, one half of finance bloggers The Savvy Couple. "Either they're not very good at bookkeeping, or they don't have the time."

Consider taking a bookkeeping course through a local or online university, then find part-time bookkeeping jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and FlexJobs. Note that though the latter focuses on remote work, specifically, full use of the site requires a subscription, which starts at $9.95 for one week.  

Bookkeepers make a median wage of about $22 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sell unique code

If you can write code, consider offering what you create on a site like Code Canyon. "People can sell their software on there as a digital product to make a semi passive income," says Flores.

Code Canyon features a slew of digital products like WordPress plugins, mobile app templates, and Javascript add-ons for anyone who wants to spruce up their online profile or products.

Items like WordPress plugins go for $85, and products like a digital wallet mobile app is going for $24. Keep in mind fees to the site, which can be as high as 55% of your item price.

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