A $50 fix can extend the life of your iPhone: 'This will be on my tombstone,' says tech expert

You'll want to get the battery replaced with "genuine Apple parts," experts say.


If you've had your iPhone for a few years, you might notice that it needs to be charged more frequently. Instead of dropping $800 on the newest model, though, you may be able to spend $50 and get the phone you have to run like new.

"Updating your software regularly keeps your phone running smoothly, but I tell people all the time and feel like this will be on my tombstone: You need to replace your battery," Kay-Kay Clapp, director of communications at iFixit, told Grow

Here are signs you need to get your battery replaced and the best places to get it done.

Signs your phone's battery needs to be replaced

An iPhone can last up to five years, Lisa Davis, shopping expert at Offers.com, told Grow. If you've taken good care of your phone, there isn't any blatant exterior damage, and software updates continue to be compatible with the model, you don't need to replace it. Apple tends to support its iPhones with software upgrades for five years, Davis said.

"So, theoretically, a phone can last as much as five years, with care," she said.

However, even if the software remains compatible with your iPhone, you might notice that your battery starts to die more frequently. This is because the older a battery is, the less charge it can hold, so you'll need to charge it more often.

Other signs your battery is ready to be replaced: If your phone dies suddenly, is hot to the touch, or only works while charging.

Where to get your phone's battery replaced

Check the warranty that came with your iPhone, Davis said. "If you purchased it within the last year and it holds less than an 80% charge, Apple will replace it for free," she said. "Assuming you didn't purchase AppleCare+ at the time you bought your iPhone, then you will have to pay to replace the battery."

Whatever you do, you'll want to get the battery replaced with "genuine Apple parts," Davis said.

I tell people all the time and feel like this will be on my tombstone: You need to replace your battery.
Kay-Kay Clapp
director of communications at iFixit

Depending on which model you have, replacing the battery at Apple is either $69 or $49 if the phone is out of warranty. You can bring your phone to an Apple store, or ship your phone to one of the company's service centers. "This option is ideal for folks who want the peace of mind a genuine Apple replacement part offers," she said.

You can also go to one of Apple's authorized service providers. These are stores that do repairs with genuine Apple parts and have Apple's "proverbial thumbs up," Davis said, so if anything goes wrong, then Apple will repair it for free. Best Buy, for example, is an authorized service provider. A battery replacement there is $49.

You can get the battery replaced by a nonauthorized third party, but Davis warned against it: "This option is riskier and can end up costing more than if you had just taken it to an authorized Apple provider. IPhones aren't cheap, so invest in them and go to an Apple Store or an authorized provider like Best Buy for a replacement battery."

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