4 side hustles you can do from anywhere and that can pay up to $85 an hour

Bookkeeping, online tutoring, and other side hustles you can start with just an internet connection and from the comfort of your home.

Jessica Militare

Almost half of working American adults have a side hustle, according to a 2019 survey from Bankrate. There are all sorts of gigs you can explore that fit your skills and schedule, even ones you can do while working a full-time day job. And getting started earning extra income, both in and out of the traditional gig economy, can require nothing more than a computer and an internet connection.

Here are a few jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Online tutoring

From homework help to test prep to teaching English, there are a host of teaching-adjacent gigs that can be done from your couch. Not all companies require you to have an education degree to tutor, but you can expect an application process and a profile to fill out that details the subjects in which you specialize.

Earnings: Tutors.com estimates that online tutoring jobs typically pay around $30 an hour. That can increase to $50-$60 an hour for advanced subjects like SAT prep or calculus. Tutors at the high end, with credentials and impressive, relevant experience, can charge up to $85 per hour, according to Care.com, especially in certain high cost-of-living cities.

Brett Stevens, 36, of Philadelphia, makes $25 an hour tutoring Chinese students in China who want to work on their English. She uses the online tutoring services Gogokid and VIPkid and generally works between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. Both sites create lesson plans for Stevens by providing her with PowerPoint presentations, which helps limit the amount of time she has to spend preparing.

In a month, she can pull in up to $5,000, she says, depending on how many classes she takes on.


As a bookkeeper, tasks can include reconciling accounts, handling payroll, and producing balance sheets and income statements. You should be comfortable crunching numbers and working with spreadsheets or bookkeeping software the businesses uses. You don't need to be a certified public accountant to land a bookkeeping job, but you may need previous experience and a bachelor's degree.

You can also get certified through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers or take free accredited online courses. And you can find bookkeeping jobs on various job search sites, and through sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Bookkeeping is also one of the most popular side jobs for retirees, according to life insurance agency Choice Mutual, based on an analysis of how many people have searched for these jobs.

Earnings: The average bookkeeper hourly rate in 2018 was $19.35 an hour, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salary.com reports the typical range is between $18 and $23 an hour.

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Resume writer

If you can craft a killer resume, you can help job seekers perfect their CVs for extra cash. Often a lot of extra cash.

Lead with your area of expertise: If you have experience in journalism, for example, you could work with clients who are seeking media jobs. You can start by working with friends and family and create a free website to post their reviews and testimonials to help gain more clients.

Earnings: Depending on training and expertise, resume writers can charge between $50 to $500 per resume, according to Freelancewriting.com. ZipRecruiter reports that you can make an astounding $53,014 a year as an online part-time resume writer.

Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you could help business owners or individuals with basic administrative work, or marketing, or project management. Look for side gigs and rates on platforms like Upwork, Remote.co, and Fiverr.

Some of these platforms require an application or for you to fill out a profile and get approved before being able to book jobs on the site (and of course it's up to the client, who has final say). It helps to create a website that details your skills, services and rates.

Earnings: Upwork reports that virtual assistant rates can range from $12-$50 per hour, depending on the client and your experience. Indeed reports that the average salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is about $16 per hour.

Kayla Sloan, 29, began working as a virtual assistant as a side hustle for $15 an hour. She was so successful she ended up quitting her day job and building her own business. "I'm naturally organized and a good communicator, which are two of the most important assets for being a VA," she told Grow

While the onboarding process can be quick on gig platforms and apps, there may be many applicants vying for work, so it's wise to look for multiple ways in. Also, remember that volume of work you get is often dependent on demand.

When choosing any side job, don't take on something that's going to create unnecessary stress in your life. Finding the right gig that fits your lifestyle and is something you enjoy will make the added income all the more worth it.

Jessica Militare is a freelance journalist who's covered work and money for Glamour, and has written for Elle, Marie Claire, American Way, New York, and Airbnb Magazine.

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