10 spring side hustles: Some can bring in hundreds of dollars per month

Housesitters charge between $25 and $45 per hour.


As the coronavirus pandemic persists and millions continue to look for work, side hustles have been a popular way for people to make extra cash. Nearly three-quarters of adults, or 70%, say they are considering adding another source of income to become more financially stable, according to a recent survey of 2,006 people by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

Spring is officially here, and with it a slew of new opportunities to earn money while safely social distancing. Here are 10 side hustles to consider.

Deliver takeout

Food delivery skyrocketed during the pandemic, as people opted to stay home and order in. And in many places, indoor dining is still limited or discouraged for safety reasons.

If you're interested in delivering takeout, sign up to make deliveries through services such as DoorDash or Postmates, where drivers make an average of $17 or $13 per hour, respectively, according to Indeed.

Ask your employer what kind of contactless delivery system is in place to mitigate your risks of contracting the coronavirus. Also, make sure your employer has a break system in place to allow you to wash your hands and rest.

Deliver groceries

Demand for grocery delivery has also surged in the pandemic: Companies like Instacart have hired hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

Instacart pays an average of $13 per hour, according to Glassdoor. At Shipt, experienced shoppers can make between $16 and $22 per hour, according to the site.

Make sure to adhere to the principles of social distancing in supermarkets and grocery stores. Continue to keep that six-foot distance from other people and wear a mask.

Garden or do yardwork

Spring is the time of year when many people will start enjoying and sprucing up their outdoor space. If you like gardening or yardwork, consider offering to help people with planting flowers, trimming grass or bushes, and eliminating weeds.

Look for landscaper gigs on sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, or list your services on TaskRabbit, where gardeners and yard workers charge as much as $80 per hour.

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Rent out your gear

If you have gear or vehicles people can use to explore the outdoors in the warmer weather, considering renting it out.

  • Bike: Sites like Spinlister let you list your bike for an hourly, daily, or weekly rate. It's free to list on the site, but Spinlister does take 17.5% of all transactions
  • Car: Consider renting your car on platforms like Turo, where renters can make an average of $706 per month, according to the site
  • Boat: Apps like GetMyBoat let you rent out various types of boats, ranging from a $25-per-hour kayak to a $400-per-hour private yacht. It's free to list on GetMyBoat and the site takes an 8.5% fee for every rental

Be a tour guide

If you know your hometown or local city inside and out, consider applying to be a tour guide on sites like ToursByLocals. The site lets guides build their own itineraries and set their own prices for a walking tour. Tours start at $15 per hour, with a 25% fee from ToursByLocals, according to SideHusl.

Make sure to social distance and wear a mask, even if you're outside.

Answer questions

If you're an expert in subjects as varied as dream interpretation, clock repair, or weddings, consider offering your services on JustAnswer, where experts in their fields get paid to answer users' questions on their given expertise.

The site's wide range of experts get paid $18 to $50 per answer, depending on their field. Randall Gibbons made up to $20,000 per month answering questions about RV repair on the site in 2020.

You must apply to become an expert; JustAnswer has an acceptance rate of 10% to 12% of all applicants.

Write an e-book

If you've got an idea for a timely romance novel, have the lowdown on the music industry, or another great literary idea, consider writing an e-book. You can set your own price (e-books often go for $3.99). Publishing sites include Gumroad, which charges either 8.5% plus 30 cents per sale or 3.5% plus 30 cents per sale, depending on which type of account you have, and Barnes & Noble, which has a 15% commission fee.

E-books are a good way to earn passive income. They take work upfront, but once you've finished writing and the book is up, people can keep purchasing it indefinitely.

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Housesit for travelers

As more people get vaccinated, travel will continue picking up. Consider housesitting for those going away. Advertise your housesitting services on sites like HouseSitter or TrustedHousesitters. Most charge between $25 and $45 per day, according to HouseSitter.

Pet sit

Similarly, pet owners traveling for days or even just out for the evening may need someone to watch their dogs or cats. Sign up to be a pet sitter on sites like Care.com, Sitter City, or Pet Sitter. The average rate of a pet sitter is $25 per 30-minute visit, according to Thumbtack.

Work at a park

If you love the great outdoors, parks around the country hire staff to supervise activities for visitors and guests throughout the year. Check out sites like CoolWorks to find jobs like treetop adventure ropes course rescue and ground guide ($14 per hour) and zipline guide ($10 per hour).

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