5 side hustles that could help you earn as much as $140 on Super Bowl Sunday

Football and festival fans walk through the "Road to the 11th," a football field that serves as the grand entryway to Super Bowl Live on Sunday, January 26, 2020.
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Super Bowl Sunday is a big money-maker, pulling in billions of dollars a year for the NFL, broadcasters, advertisers, athletes, and other parties. With the right game plan, you could use it to earn extra money, too.

Here are five side hustles you might consider that can help you pull in extra cash before, during, and after the Super Bowl:

1. Rent out your home to traveling fans

For this year's Super Bowl on February 2, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The stadium seats more than 65,000 people and many of them will be traveling from around the country to watch the game in person.

If you live in or around the Miami Gardens area and local laws allow, consider listing your home on Airbnb or another short-term rental site. Florida homes on Airbnb can go for as much as $500 per night.

And if you're not in Florida, keep your eyes open to see if future years might bring the Super Bowl, and a similar opportunity, to your area.

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2. Help set up for Super Bowl parties

More than a quarter, 27%, of Americans plan to attend a Super Bowl party this year, according to WalletHub, and their hosts often need some help setting up. Same-day service platform TaskRabbit reports that it sees an uptick in people requesting exactly this type of help on game day.

"We know that many people hire Taskers to help prep their homes for hosting and game-watching ― i.e., tidying up, assembling, or moving new furniture to accommodate guests, mounting up the big screen," says a TaskRabbit spokesperson. Depending on the location and the scope of the project, moving heavy furniture can run $42 to $87, while furniture assembly can be $59 to $147.

You could sign up to offer your services on a site like TaskRabbit, or see what kind of help people are already asking for in the "gigs" section of Craigslist.

3. Deliver food or groceries

Super Bowl Sunday sees a huge surge in food orders. In 2019, food delivery service Grubhub reported that it saw a 624% more cheese pizza orders, 615% more boneless wing orders, and 603% more garlic knot orders on Super Bowl Sunday as compared to other Sundays that month.

Fans are likely to opt for delivery so that they don't miss any of the game, or even the commercials. You can capitalize on that demand by signing up to deliver takeout through services like Grubhub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats, or to deliver groceries through services like Instacart or Shipt.

Instacart shoppers earn a per-job minimum of $5 to $10, depending on the assignment, plus tips. On an hourly basis, they report earning roughly $11 to $14, according to Glassdoor.

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4. Drive for a ride-share service

One ride-share driver in NYC tells CNBC he can pull in about $250 for a full day's work. On a holiday, increased demand means drivers have the potential to pick up more rides and earn more per ride due to surge pricing.

More than 51 million cases of beer are sold on Super Bowl Sunday, and 90% more beer is consumed on that day than on any other, according to WalletHub. That can boost the need for ride-share drivers.

If you live in the Miami Gardens area, the Super Bowl is an especially lucrative night to be driving people around, according to The Rideshare Guy. "The day of the event," he writes, "you're sure to be busy taking people to the game location itself as well as people heading to parties and bars throughout the surrounding area. ... That's what makes this one of the best holidays to drive for Uber."

During the 2018 Super Bowl, which took place in Minneapolis, Uber reported a 143% increase in Twin City trips, according to MPR News.

5. Clean up after parties

After all of the beer and wings have been consumed, and guests have gone home either celebrating their team's win or lamenting its loss, hosts may need help cleaning up. Consider joining a service like Handy or advertising your cleaning capabilities on TaskRabbit to help tidy up homes and party spaces. TaskRabbit reports the average cleaning project runs $75 to $141.

If you're an avid football fan, the idea of missing out on part of the Super Bowl may be a no-go. But making the most of local events is a smart strategy year-round to earn more with your side hustle. If earning money over the Super Bowl won't work for you, "think about other events that come up on the calendar," Kathy Kristof, co-founder and editor at SideHusl.com, told Grow last year.

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