3 everyday, essential items that cost less on Amazon than at your drugstore


Drugstore buys are often spur-of-the-moment purchases. But if you plan ahead and anticipate your needs, you can save money on everyday household items by ordering them from Amazon instead.

The site offer its own private label, AmazonBasics, and it also offers lower prices on brand-name products you can find at stores like CVS and Walgreens.

Here are three essentials that experts recommend you buy on Amazon and not your drugstore:

Gadget chargers

If you need an HDMI cord, phone charger, or other cable to keep your gadgets primed for daily use, AmazonBasics probably has it for much cheaper than your drugstore or electronics store, says Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst for DealNews.com.

"Cables can be ridiculously expensive when you purchase them in-store," she says. "They're often overpriced due to marketing gimmicks that you don't really need and won't make a difference in performance."

An Android charger at CVS Pharmacy is $10, but you can get a 3-pack of Deegotech Android charging cords from Amazon for $10. A 6-foot AmazonBasics USB iPhone charger is $6, while a 6-foot, Apple USB phone charger at Walmart is $14.

Cables can be ridiculously expensive when you purchase them in-store. They're often overpriced due to marketing gimmicks that you don't really need and won't make a difference in performance.
Julia Ramhold
Consumer analyst, DealNews.com


Batteries tend to be something you pick up at the register as needed, which means you may not be getting the best deal. Ordering batteries from AmazonBasics in advance can be much smarter, says Kristin McGrath, shopping expert at Offers.com, and "the savings become even more compelling when you buy large multipacks."

For example, a 16-pack of Duracell batteries at Walgreens is $17.99, or $1.12 per battery. On Amazon, a 20-pack of AmazonBasics batteries is $8.49, or $0.42 per battery. A 48-pack is $13.99, which works out to $0.29 per battery.

Office supplies

The office supplies savings vary by item, McGrath says, and you "generally need to buy in bulk to get the best savings." For example, Walgreens sells one roll of Scotch tape for $4.50, but Amazon sells a pack of 24 for $34, making each roll $1.40. That's less than half of the Walgreens price per roll.

If you're not brand-loyal, then you can save even more money by purchasing AmazonBasics tape, which is $1.30 per roll.

Amazon offers low prices on some bigger-ticket supplies, as well. For example, a Swingline stapler at CVS is $16, but you can get a two-pack of Swingline staplers on Amazon for $13. And if you're looking for an at-home paper shredder, Amazon's machines are much cheaper. An 8-sheet paper shredder that also shreds credit cards costs $37 on Amazon while, at Target, a shredder with the same capabilities costs $55.

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