Articles from Tim Stobierski

Fast Cash

How Much Do ‘Easy Money’ Side Gigs Really Pay? I Found Out

Money 101

Investing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Start Growing Wealth

Investing 101

Should You Pay Off Debt Before You Start Investing?

Pay It Off

Can Paying Off Debt Actually Hurt Your Credit Score?

Spice Things Up

Stock Up on These 7 Ingredients to Cut Your Food Bill (and Still Eat Well)

Prep School

Meal Prep Ideas: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making Easy, Healthy and Cheap Meals

Rising Prices

Here’s What We’ll Be Paying More for in 2019

Avoid These Traps

3 Debt Misconceptions That Can Cost Us Thousands

Fall Back

5 Ways to Benefit From That Extra Daylight Savings Hour (Beyond Sleeping In)

In-Cider Tips

12 Cheap Fall Activities That You’ll Actually Enjoy

Don't Stress It

The 5 Top Money Concerns Keeping Us Up At Night (and What to Do About Them)

Never Stop Growing

Level Up: 4 Ways to Turn One Money Win Into Many

The Takeout Challenge

Just How Far Can You Stretch One $25 Takeout Order? These 8 Found Out

No Credit Card Required

How to Cover an Emergency Even When You’re Scraping By

Cheap Eats

8 Simple, Tasty Meals You Can Make With Ingredients You Already Have

Credit Check

Unlike Our Parents, We’re Avoiding Credit Cards—But Is That a Good Idea?

Know & Grow

The One Time It Doesn't Pay to Manage Your Money Like Buffett

Crypto 101

BTC? Ethereum? Ripple? The Lowdown on Popular Cryptocurrencies

Growth Spurt

How the ‘Starve and Stack’ Strategy Can Help You Hit Your Money Goals Faster

Wake Up

3 Times Procrastinating Can Cost You Thousands

Hot Topic

What’s the Bitcoin Frenzy All About? We Break It Down

Pace Yourself

I Used Interval Training to Boost My Race Time—and My Income

Smart Money

Yes, Having a $0 Net Worth Is Something to Celebrate

What's Your Number?

Here’s Why It Really Pays to Have a High Credit Score

Smart Money

3 Very Good Reasons to Automate Your Student Loan Payments

Reality Check

Are These Basic Money Rules Enough to Keep You Financially Secure?

Health & Money

What Training for a Half-Marathon Taught Me About Managing Money


10 Cheap (and Healthy) Foods that Last a Long Time

Financial Planning

Mid-Year Checkup: How's That Money Resolution Holding Up?


3 Money Bloggers on Saving More, Paying Off Debt—and Aiming for $1 Million

Setting The Record Straight

The Real Reasons So Many of Us Still Live at Home


Yes, We Are Doing Worse Than Our Parents—But We Can Change That


How a Digital Currency Became Worth More Than Gold

Savings Challenge

10 Meals for $25? Here's How This Foodie Did It


The Dow Just Hit 20,000. Now What?


How I Survived Unemployment Without Touching My Emergency Fund


4 Resolutions That Can Make Us Healthier and Wealthier


How Much Money Can You Really Make on Fiverr? I Found Out

Growth Spurt

A Simple Investing Strategy That Can Keep You on Track

Stock Moves

Who’s Afraid of… ‘The October Effect’?


Here's All You Need to Finish the Year Strong Financially


Snowball? Avalanche? What's the Best Way to Pay Off Debt?


So Your Finances Aren't as Bad as Everyone Else's? Don't Celebrate Just Yet


Need Some Midweek Motivation? Listen to These 2016 Olympic Champions


Run Your Finances Like a Boss


Why You Should Prepare Now for a Layoff


Before You Click 'Buy,' Ask Yourself These Questions


Here's the Problem With 'Emergency' Funds


How I Turned My Vices Into $35,000 of Savings